Publisher's Comment

Sept. 6, 2005
August in the publishing industry is a time to look to the next year and plan the basis of the editorial calendar.

August in the publishing industry is a time to look to the next year and plan the basis of the editorial calendar. For publishers and editors, getting out of the office and into the offices of our readers and suppliers is the most important part of that planning. It provides insight into the critical concerns of the industry and what readers need and want to read about to run their businesses more effectively in the future.

Case in point: While on recent road trips to visit a consulting firm in Los Angeles, a technology products company in Chicago, and a supplier in Minneapolis, much was discovered on the issues that are affecting the airport and airport-based business markets.

The trend of globalization of business and services, expanding customer bases around the world, and increasing the number of companies operating on multiple continents, is ongoing and expanding for suppliers. The balance between technology at airports and FBOs now versus the innovations they’ll need for the future is a challenge that technology companies are being tasked with by the industry.

Customers, airport management, fixed base operators, and other airport-based businesses are demanding different products and more innovation than ever before.

Expectations are higher than ever to constantly have a new offering, something that can do a job or perform a service more efficiently than before.

AIRPORT BUSINESS, too, is looking at ways to offer more choices to our readers and advertisers. It won’t be enough in 2006 to continue with the status quo.

Editorial will continue on the most current subjects in the direct, case history, third-party observer approach that the industry has come to expect; however, we will have some new features. Watch for a 2006 commemorative calendar with the November/December issue which celebrates 20 years of AIRPORT BUSINESS magazine changing the way managers do business. A special 20th anniversary issue of AIRPORT BUSINESS will be published in February 2006, featuring a look at airports, FBOs, and suppliers — then and now.

We’re looking forward to the next 20 years.