Product Profiles: Baggage Handling

Sept. 13, 2005
The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement.

The following product descriptions of equipment are offered as a service to readers and are not intended as an endorsement. To obtain more information on any item listed, contact the manufacturer directly or visit

THE EXPRESS CARRY-ON CART, designed to make carry-on baggage handling simple and safe, is available from Adaptive Engineering LTD. Specifically designed to minimize risks, fail-safe drop lock breaks are used for reliable stopping and parking. The cart also features air-filled bumpers that surround a flexible roof system that is designed to absorb impact;

HIGH-IMPACT BELTS are available from Ammeraal Beltech. Designed to offer low noise, low elongation, impact absorption, tear/puncture resistance, and flame retardance. Applications include horizontal transport, incline/decline transport, and collecting/accumulation/side loading conveyors in airports, logistics, and unit package handling operations;

AIRPORT BAGGAGE TILT TRAY SORTER TECHNOLOGY is provided by Fabricom Airport Systems UK Ltd. The company announces the development of its patented induction synchronization system, designed to accurately induct bags onto the center of each moving tray. The Model 700RF tilt tray sorter uses an electrical tip action-controlled via a radio frequency signalling system, which permits control over the items to be handled. It also enables facilities to be provided which have not been feasible with previous generations of tilt tray sorter designs; for example, tray banking on curve sections;

THE FLAT PLATE BAGGAGE CAROUSEL is available from Jervis B. Webb Company. Designed for on-demand, quiet operation, and minimal maintenance. The pre-fabricated units are assembled using bolt-together construction and independent leveling legs to reduce installation time and improve ease of relocation;

AUTOMATED MATERIAL HANDLING SOLUTIONS are designed and implemented by Vanderlande Industries. Baggage handling systems have been designed and implemented by the company at more than 600 airports worldwide;

BAGGAGE HANDLING SERVICES are available from Covenant Aviation Security, LLC. Includes positioning items onto appropriate screening systems, moving the baggage to the next phase once an inspection is completed, and assisting personnel with the movement of baggage to the designated inspection areas;

BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEMS are designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, operated, and maintained by G&T Conveyor;

BAGGAGE CART AND ELECTRONIC LOCKER SERVICES at airports are provided by Smarte Carte, Inc. Services include the equipment and personnel needed to assist travelers with their baggage. Smarte Locke® electronic lockers offer security with biometric fingerprint access technology;