AMTSociety Offers New Gorham Technologies Educational Benefit

April 26, 2006
This new partnership is one of the many benefits offered to AMTSociety members that adds value to an AMTSociety membership.

AMTSociety is pleased to announce that it has worked out an agreement with Gorham Technologies, an independent organization offering training on technical developments and applications, to offer AMTSociety members 20 percent off of Gorham's already discounted returning attendee (Alumni) rate for any of their 2006 training sessions or conferences. Training and Conferences for 2006 are as follows:

Dates Conferences Location
6/6/2006 - 6/7/2006 PMA Parts Short Course--USA Evanston, IL
6/8/2006 - 6/9/2006 DER Approvals Short Course--USA Evanston, IL
11/13/2006 - 11/15/2006 Approved Repairs for Commercial Aviation--Technical Innovations, Markets, Comparative Economics, Regulatory/Legal Issues,
& the Evolving Roles of DERs
San Diego, CA

For more detailed information on these courses, you can visit Gorham Technologies web site at, Email: [email protected] or call Fax: 207-892-2210.

(Note: Identify yourself as an AMTSociety member and provide your AMTSociety member number when inquiring about pricing. Your AMTSociety membership card will be required to be admitted to the course at your AMTSociety rate).

This new partnership is only one of the benefits offered to AMTSociety members that adds value to an AMTSociety membership.

AMTSociety is an affinity group aimed at leveraging the strength of its audience for the purpose of sharing resources and offering benefits. Members will have immediate access to resources such as Online IA renewal (offered by AMT at as well as a guaranteed subscription to AMT magazine, AMTe newsletter, discussion forums, and more. Maintenance professionals can join AMTSociety immediately by going to and clicking the link to join.

Aircraft Maintenance professionals can join for $49 and students can now join for $15.

For more questions, contact Greg Napert, AMTSociety director at (920) 563-1653 or e-mail at [email protected].