Inspection/Test Equipment

Nov. 15, 2006

Now measure 406, 121.5 and 243 MHZ in one tester. The Whiffletree BT100AV Triple exceeds the measurement requirements for ELTs in the United States. A cost-effective solution, it eliminates the need for a spectrum analyzer and other costly equipment. The entire receiver is housed in a CompactFlash card. It offers graphic display of spectrum, power, and modulation and can measure both 406 and non-406 ELTs. Software updates are free via the internet. For more information visit or call (781) 837-5892.

MJ Suppliers offers the AJD101103-316 Proofmaster kit which proof tests bearing installations. It has ram sizes 3 through 16 for MS14101 and MS14103, two hydraulic load cells, and 0- to 2,000- and 0- to 5,000-psi pressure ratings. It is user friendly and features direct reading pressure gauges, adjustable anvils, bench or onwing operation. It is manufactured in the United States. For more information visit or call (724) 695-7734.

Metal Check is an analysis kit for reciprocating engines. The oil and filter analysis kit expands results for turbine engines. Aviation Laboratories has 21 years of history providing aviation-only laboratory services. The company is a leader in GA oil and oil and filter analysis in the United States. There is a large database of engine results available for the GA industry. Online results, including historical information and trending analysis, are available. For more information visit or call (713) 864-6677.

The Lenox AUTOSCOPE is ideal for internal inspection of any engine. Maintenance protocols include inspection of internal cylinder surfaces, combustion chamber, exhaust/intake valve faces, cylinder bores, and piston heads. It is portable, battery-powered, self-illuminating, and has a two-year warranty. It features a range of diameters and probe lengths and an angle-view attachment is available. For more information visit or call (800) 356-1104.

The CAB925 is Schenck's newest PCbased instrumentation designed for tackling the most challenging and complex balancing tasks. CAB925 can be retrofi tted to any manufacturer's machine. CAB 925 computer-based balancing instrumentation features 15-inch monitor with touch screen controls. Flash Drive with embedded Windows XP, no moving parts makes it rugged for use in a shop environment. Real-time measurement capability supports high accuracy, rotor-dynamic analysis software features. Network-compatible with technical support via modem and context-sensitive Help menu. Software upgrades and addition of optional software extensions accomplished at any time via e-mail. Software packaging ensures commonality and is task/application specifi c. For more information visit

Borescopes-R-Us fabricates borescopes and video systems. It repairs/rebuilds to like new or better all makes of fi berscopes, rigid scopes, and accessories. It has more than 20 years experience and offers savings, quality, service, and customer support. For more information visit

Machida's battery-operated borescope, Model FBA-4B-100P, features an improved battery pack that can provide as much light as a regular light source. The unit is ideal for portable, quick inspections. It is easy to use and features high quality resolution. For more information visit or call (800) 431-5420.

Optim's FreedomView LED fiberscope offers users a unique LED light source built directly into the handle, delivering mobility, flexibility, and superior resolution. It is adaptable to video/digital camera and eliminates the need for a separate light source. The lightweight, mobile design features a rugged tungsten braid and offers a quick look to the user. For more information visit or call (800) 225-7486.

Medit Inc. offers its 4mm Fiberscopes for small aircraft inspections. Optional accessories include portable/fixed light sources, video camera units, and images/ video capture for clients. It features articulation of the tip head, portable LED light source, or optional metal halide light source. It is great for diagnostics and proof of workmanship in the case of claims. For more information visit or call (800) 239-9934.

GE Inspection Technologies designs, manufactures, and services an extensive array of inspection and nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions, spanning most of the leading NDT modalities including radiography, ultrasonic, eddy current, and remote visual inspection. Features include video capability; portable; large diameter pan-tilt-zoom camera; and quality images. For more information call (888) 332-3848 or visit

The Karl Storz TechnoPack Videoscope inspection system features "no tip change" laser measurement, a high capacity (20GB) digital storage platform, and advanced processing with wireless remote control. LaserTrue measurement is 98 percent accurate. It has a fully digital platform and 3.8 mm, 4.2 mm, 5 mm, 6.2 mm, and 8 mm videoscopes. Other features include CD/DVD read/write burner, Windows XP - Ethernet, four USB ports, and two-year warranty. For more information visit or call (800) 329- 9618.