Tools & Supplies

Nov. 15, 2006

The design of the Falcon strut fill tool from Alberth Aviation enhances the ergonomics and safety that have long been a concern of other designs. It provides better access to strut valve, and features fill hose, stainless construction, adjustable wrench angle, and eyelet for torque tightening. There is storage in handle for fittings and seals. For more information visit or call (832) 934-0055.

Isham Inc. offers an aircraft sheet metal tool kit for building Van's RV aircraft. It includes a pneumatic squeezer and DRDT-2 dimpler for producing the highest quality parts and assemblies. The kit features the highest quality professional and industrial tools. There is a lifetime guarantee on most tools. For more information visit or call (316) 755-0713.

Dagger Tools offers a wide selection of metal shaping and fabrication tools. It has wood and plastic bossing mallets, shot bags, shrinker/stretchers, English wheels, and welding products. For more information visit or call (248) 735-1123.

The Stahlwille Fast Ratch is designed with the aerospace tech in mind. Applications targeted are AN fittings and B nuts as well as hex nuts and bolts. The Fast Ratch acts as an open end ratcheting wrench. It features laser cut stainless steel, FOD free design, works on both metric and SAE fasteners, and has a lifetime warranty. It causes no damage to fasteners. For more information visit or call (800) 695-2714.

Hart Aviation breakout boxes and cables are designed for technicians to provide ease of access to aircraft electrical circuits for testing and trouble shooting. Permits quick and efficient diagnosis and testing of electrical circuits. They are adaptable to multiple aircraft systems and aircraft types, are compact for portability, convenient to use, and reasonably priced. For more information visit

MJ Suppliers offers a 1/4-inch on-off roller ratchet with 5-degree offset. It allows one ratchet for removing Hi-Lok collars and installing Hi-Lok pins with 90 inch-pound torque. The ratchet features a stainlesssteel handle, lifetime warranty, and is made in the United States. For more information call (724) 695-7734 or visit www.

Alden Corp. offers the ProGrabit tool for removing screws or bolts with any type of damaged screw head, from any material. It is a drill and extractor in one tool. No more guesswork in matching drill size with extractor, as with manual tools. The quick connect chuck capability increases its ease of use: simply drill, then flip, and extract. ProGrabit is made from high quality, tempered M2 highspeed tool steel for long drill tip life. Its state-of-the-art tempering process withstands temperatures to 1,000 F, without softening. It has been specifically engineered to drill into bolts of grade 8 or 10.9 class, without excessive wear. For more information visit or call (800) 832-5336.

Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co. is now stocking Tensitron digital cable tensiometers. Completely made in the USA, factory calibrated and fully traceable to national standards, Tensitron digital tensiometers feature a large easy-to-read graphic display. Unlike old mechanical units, there are no riser blocks to use or keep track of, simply enter the diameter of cable you are working with, engage the tool, and that's it — you have a perfect tension reading. Visit or call (800) 587-3883 for more information.

MJ Suppliers offers the AJD110503-1 mini swager and MS14103-5 bearing. Features include on-wing limited access, hand-held with secondary anvil, and four rollers. It is manufactured in the United States. For more information visit or call (724) 695-7734.

Brown Tool is now stocking the super small and super small Ingersoll-Rand miniature threaded drill motor. At only 8 1/2 inches long, this is the smallest threaded drill on the market and will get into the tightest spots. For more information visit or call (800) 587-3883.

Klein Tools' long-reach long-nose pliers have long handles and nose, and are available in straight nose, 45-degree bent nose, and 90-degree bent nose styles. The pliers allows greater access to hard-toreach areas and provide greater holding power at tip with minimal effort. The bent nose styles have better reach around obstructions. They are hot riveted for smooth opening and closing action. They are forged and hardened for long life. For more information visit or call (847) 821-5500.

Taylor Pneumatic Tool Co. has more than 75 years combined experience and offers a full line of pneumatic hammers, drills, grinders, impacts, riveters, sanders, and screwdrivers. It has a friendly, knowledgeable staff and offers limited lifetime warranty, same-day shipping 95 percent of the time. For more information visit or call (800) 805-8665.

Brown Tool introduces the GageBilt Products PowerMAX Split Riveter. Specifically designed to install blind rivets (such as CherryMAX and HuckMAX) in very hard-to-reach areas, the PowerMAX Riveter features a 3- or 8-foot hose between the power unit and the pulling head. Completely manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit or call (800) 587-3883.

SteelHead Design is a manufacturer of industrial quality storage cabinets and workstations. The industrial quality storage and workstations feature reinforced construction, heavyduty ball bearing drawer slides, and stainless steel or powder coated steel construction. The modular systems can be configured in many ways. For more information visit or call (619) 593-4783.

Brown Tool offers its exclusive TATCO hand rivet squeezer kit. The kit contains the genuine TATCO hand rivet squeezer with three different interchangeable yokes (1 1/2-, 2-, and 3-inch) along with six assorted squeeze sets for button head and flush rivets. Unlike some competitive tools that are cloned and made off shore, this kit is completely manufactured in the USA to exacting standards and comes in a heavy-duty custom-fitted storage case to prevent FOD and tool loss. For more information, visit or (800) 587-3883.

The Model BATVLHK- 102 Jo-Bolt installation kit contains everything you need to easily install 5/32-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch Jo-Bolt type fasteners in both button head and flush styles. Includes hand ratchet, Jo-Bolt Grip Gage, and all drivers and socket heads in a heavy-duty storage case. Made in the United States. For more information, visit or (800) 587-3883.

KD-200 double-cut shear from Kett Tool cuts mild steel up to 18 gauge quickly and quietly with no bending or warpage to the material. It provides a fast clean cut and cuts straight or contour lines. There is no distortion in the metal being cut. The shear has a powerful 5-amp single speed motor which is double insulated. It cuts 180 inches per minute. For more information visit or call (513) 271-0333.

TOOLS J.R. Potter & Associates distributes aircraft bearing and fastener tools and hydraulic system conical seals, develops custom tool and instrument kits, and carries major aerospace component manufacturer products. It has 650 different part numbers in stock and carries a third of a million conical seals. It is also a supplier of custom-kitted tools and inspection instruments and carries all Shafer bearing tools for swaging systems. The company offers expert consultation and fast shipping. For more information visit .