Airframe Parts and Accessories

Nov. 15, 2006

STARTER GENERATOR COMPONENTS is a leading independent global stocking distributor specializing in the sale of new and overhauled starter generator related components for small to medium size turbine-powered fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. It is a Unison-APC division authorized distributor. For more information visit www.startergenerator. com.

The UV water sterilization unit from Indianapolis Jet Center kills harmful bacteria in potable water and improves potable water quality. It eliminates expensive water filters and is easily maintained. For more information visit or call (210) 602-3899.

Chestnut Ridge Foam offers AIRFLEX fire-resistant seat cushioning. It is cut to shape and eliminates expensive fireblocking fabrics. AIRFLEX is internal fire testing certified to FAR 25.853 (a) and (c), including TSO-C72c flotation testing. Features include weight reduction, variation in firmness to optimize comfort, durability, and support, and elimination of secondary and costly fire barrier fabrics. For more information visit visit

Worldwide Helicopter Solutions offers sales and consignment of new, used, and surplus parts and equipment for helicopters and airplanes, including AFCS, EFIS, and RF.

  • Specializing in equipment for older aircraft
  • Domestic delivery in seven to 10 business days with fresh tags
  • Equipment serviced and tagged by manufacturer or authorized facility
  • Warranty provided on most used and surplus equipment
  • Installation design and certification assistance available
  • Web site listing and marketing of your surplus equipment

For more information visit

Steve's Aircraft has expanded its gascolators to a total of 12 models. Its AML now has more than 400 listed aircraft models covered under its STC/PMA. Features include CNC milled aluminum, O-ring sealed, and easy maintenance. There is a large approved model list (more than 400 models covered): 3/8- and 1/2-inch models, great for homebuilders and 3- and 4-ounce bowls plus a remote drainable 4-ounce bowl. For more information visit or call (541) 826-9729.

Duncan Aviation offers high-quality rotables and avionics exchange units for corporate jet aircraft, engines, landing gear, and all parts in-between. It has 19 salespeople and 50 years in the business and features same-day shipping, top quality, competitive pricing, and award-winning service. For more information visit or call (402) 479-4202.

Kelly Aerospace offers both OEM new and rebuilt Janitrol heaters. Units are rebuilt to factory new tolerances and upgraded to the latest model configuration with a new serial number. Each rebuilt includes a new "CermaKote" combustion tube and more efficient/lightweight permanent magnet blower motor. It eliminates FAA AD 96-20-07 and the newly designed air pressure switch complies with FAA AD Note 96-20-07. The heaters have three-year, 1,000-hour limited warranty, 1,500-hour TBO. Upgrade to the latest revision level. No bill backs for old style core returns. For more information visit or call (877) FLY-KELLY.

Purolator Facet Inc. designs and manufactures filters, elements, indicators and switches, acoustic media, and transducers/sensors for the aerospace industry for engine, airframe, and component manufacturers. The company offers custom-designed filters; and FAA/PMA approved filters and elements. For more information visit or call (336) 217-3811.

Rapco dry air pumps now have an inspection port. The port is easily accessible on the top of the pump and features the Smart Stick, a go-no go gauge that helps determine pump life. Benefits include longer life and lower cost. Rapco offers technical support and a worldwide distribution network. For more information call (800) 527-2726 or visit

If your civilian or military aircraft is equipped with a unique belt or harness, Aero Fabricators can replace the webbing at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. TSO tags enclosed in plasticized cover for protection. Complete selection of colors in 2- and 3-inch widths. Present fittings retained whenever possible, saving additional cost. Call (800) 558-6868 or visit for more information.

Heli-Tube spiral wrap from M.M. Newman applies like tape around braided hydraulic hose to prevent chafing which can puncture the wall to cause leaks and equipment failure. It is suitable for protecting hoses on aviation, off-road, and industrial equipment. It acts like an abrasion protector and organizes wires and cable harnesses. For more information visit or call (781) 631-7100.

Oregon Aero seat cushion systems provide painless, safer seating no matter how long the flight. The seats can be customized for any aircraft. The seat base leaves more headroom. The Visco-elastic foam conforms to each occupant. There is a wide selection of leather and fabric upholstery. The seats meet FAA requirements. Oregon Aero is an FAAcertified limited airframe repair station. For more information visit or call (800) 888-6910.

Since 1963 Air Capitol Dial has provided refurbishment and repair for edge-lighted face plates and panels, and back-lighted dials for single engine aircraft, corporate jets, and helicopters. The company provides quick response time, most in three to seven days. It is also a small quantity manufacturer for spares and prototypes, and provides manufacturing capability to Mil-P-7788. It received EASA certification in 2001 for international customers. For more information visit or call (877) 269-2483.

Tvariety of Beech application flap actuators, from the Bananza up to and including the "1900" series aircraft all in stock. It also overhauls and repairs a wide variety of both Beech and Cessna flap motors and gearboxes, along with a wide variety of flight control and trim actuators for many Cessna and Beech applications. For more information visit or call (877) FLYKELLY.

Saf-Air's push-type fuel drain valves are a close tolerance valve of simple design. The design eliminates an area where dirt can gather and cause problems. O-rings can be replaced on all fuel drain valves. Features include standard fuel-resistant O-rings, simple operation, with or without 1/4-inch hose adapter, flush-mounted fuel drain valves, and lock open fuel drain valve. For more information visit

Tanis Aircraft Products offers a battery preheat system for more starting power in cold weather. The system features a wraparound heating element, thermostat, and wiring. Can be integrated in a Tanis system or used independently. Available in four sizes to accommodate most aircraft batteries. For more information visit

Consolidated Aircraft Supply offers overhaul, exchange, and sales of accessories and rotables for all aircraft. It provides factory service for Honeywell, GE, KG Electronics, and Weldon pumps. It was established in 1960 and is FAA and EASA approved. AOG availability 24/7. For more information visit or call (631) 981-7700.

Eagle offers consistent service, technical support, factory overhauls, extended warranties, and the high quality PMA and OEM fuel cells. There is a seven-year warranty on OEM, five-year on PMA, and five-year on overhauls. High quality install kits are included with new cells. Stainless-steel fuel drain valve kits. For more information visit or call (800) 437-8732.

Wag-Aero offers an extensive line of FAA/PMA new engine mounts and new exhaust systems for Cessnas, Pipers, Mooneys, etc. It also has systems for homebuilts, experimental and light sport aircraft. Call for your specific needs. Call (800) 558-6868 or visit store.wagaero. com.

B/E Aerospace's Ice Shield de-icing systems have become the first choice of many aircraft operators and maintenance centers. B/E Aerospace offers a complete line of pneumatic and propeller de-icers, wire harnesses, and accessories for general aviation aircraft. All pneumatic de-icers feature Edge Guard sealing system, which results in proven service life extension.

  • Original Ice Shield pneumatic de-icers interchangeable with existing de-icers
  • Ice Shield 2 with sewn-carcass technology for older aircraft while fitting the exact footprint of the older Type 23, tube-type boot
  • Diverse line of propeller boots for a variety of piston and turboprop aircraft in both a wire-wound pattern and etched foil design
  • 48-hour guaranteed delivery in the continental United States at no cost to the customer
  • FAA STC/PMA approved

For more information call (800) 767-6899 or visit

CRS is an authorized Securaplane sales and service facility. Securaplane sealed lead acid emergency batteries have "no memory characteristics" and therefore do not require scheduled deep cycle maintenance as do Ni-Cads. In addition, Securaplane XL Series batteries are designed for a "no removal maintenance concept." All testing, including capacity, can be performed while the battery is still on the aircraft. The self-discharge rate is seven to 10 times lower than Ni-Cad battery applications. The Securaplane emergency battery systems have a five-year warranty on the electronics and a threeyear warranty on the batteries. Applications include Challenger, Hawker, Gulfstream, Falcon, Lear, and other aircraft. For more information visit

Kelly Aerospace offers overhaul services and complete NDT inspection for a wide variety of aircraft wheels and brakes. Many brakes are available for exchange. For more information visit or call (877) FLYKELLY.

CRS is an authorized Securaplane sales and service facility. Securaplane main ship batteries experience increased reliability and performance as well as saving both time and money in overall operational costs. When comparing to other competitive brands, the Hawker has higher cranking amps (faster spoolup times) which result in cooler engine starts, thus decreasing maintenance costs. Features include true "no maintenance battery," direct form fit replacement for OEM Ni-Cad battery, 30-month full replacement warranty, hot and cold performance, and recovers from deep discharge. Aircraft applications include: Gulfstream, Learjet, Hawker, Citation, Challenger, Caravan, Kingair, and Dassault/Falcon. For more information visit

Skandia's product offering includes foam, featuring DAX, upholstery supplies, and thermal/acoustic materials. Its services include flammability testing, flame treatment services, and foam fabrication programs. For more information visit or call (800) 945-7135.

Kelly Aerospace offers comprehensive overhaul and repair capabilities in Grimes, S.D.I., and Whelen lighting products and associated power supplies, timers, and strobe lights. It has a full range of Grimes landing lights, retractable, and fixed lights including the Grimes helicopter searchlight. Overhaul capabilities are available on Grimes and Whelen power supplies with many available for exchange. For more information visit

Aircraft Window Repairs has been making it perfectly clear since 1979. It specializes in repairing corporate aircraft windows, lenses, and de-ice strips. It also offers free in-house inspection, prebuy inspections, and prism inspections. It is FAA/EASA certified. For more information visit www.aircraftwindowrepairs. com.

Eaton's sealed circuit breaker provides an integrated seal into the circuit breaker assembly providing increased reliability in harsh environments. It has enhanced moisture and sand/dust sealing. It eliminates the need for separate boot seal and is ideal for harsh environments where sand/dust or moisture are an issue. Form/fit function replacement to existing circuit breaker. For more information visit www.aerospace.eaton. com.

Peerless Electronics stocks Klixon Sensata Technologies (formerly Texas Instruments) circuit breakers in depth. Boeing, Airbus, and mil spec breakers are in stock. Peerless is certified to AS9100. The circuit breakers are temperature or nontemperature compensated and feature miniature size/weight and trip-free design. For more information visit or call (516) 594- 3500.

Steve's Aircraft offers a vented master brake cylinder to replace Scott Diaphram brakes on Piper Cub series and Tri-Pacers. It fits original frame for easy installation. Features include better braking power, lower maintenance, consistent braking, and faster brake release. They are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. For more information visit or call (541) 826-9729.

Kelly Aerospace is an authorized Parker Stratoflex distributor and TSO approved hose shop. There is off-the-shelf availability of identical replacement hose assemblies to match your samples. Bulk hose and fittings available for piston and turbine aircraft along with discounts to FBOs and engine shops. Kelly offers cross reference for OEM part numbers, complete kits, and 24-hour turn times. For more information visit or call (877) FLY-KELLY.

Kelly Aerospace offers landing gear and accessories which can be overhauled in a timely fashion or exchanged from its extensive inventory. A complete line of the Beechcraft King Air mechanical landing gear actuators is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. There is a complete line of landing gear gearboxes and motors ready for immediate delivery. There is overhaul capabilities for the "hard-tofind" Prestolite hydraulic power pack units. Overhauled main and nose gear drag brace units are ready for immediate delivery. For more information visit

Concorde Battery Corp.'s RG-380E series options include high impact polypropylene, fire-resistant powder-coated aluminum, or fireproof stainless-steel containers and provisions for temperature sensor installation (metal containers only). The batteries feature superior starting and reliable essential power, excellent vibration and shock tolerance, and greater performance at extreme low temperatures. They recover from deep discharge and are maintenance free, no water or acid ever required. They ship non-HAZMAT. For more information visit or call (626) 813-1234.

The Hawker pure lead main ship battery is now available for Falcon 900 and 900EX aircraft. It is a direct replacement for existing 22-28Ah Ni-Cad battery, no charger modification is needed. It has a 30-month full replacement warranty and 18 months on aircraft before first check. It is designed and distributed by Securaplane technologies. For more information visit or call (520) 297-0844.