Goodbye and Hello

Feb. 6, 2006
Ground Support Magazine says goodbye to Emily Refermat and welcomes Kristen Hutchins as the new associate editor.

Emily was given the opportunity to move to Automatic Merchandiser Magazine as managing editor and so Ground Support Magazine welcomes Kristen aboard. Kristen, you have the floor.

When I was offered a position with Mass Transit Magazine last year, I promptly packed my things, moved to southern Wisconsin and started my career with Mass Transit. I was in charge of products, news and such for my first issue, but then I wrote a feature story about severe weather strategies for my second issue, and there was no turning back. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity and the honor of putting together both the November and December/January issues on my own —cover stories and all. I loved every bit of it, and I’ve never felt so proud.

I enjoyed my time with Mass Transit, but an opportunity arose when Emily was given an offer with Automatic Merchandiser Magazine. I am grateful for the chance to join Karen and Holly and the rest of the Ground Support Magazine staff as the associate editor. And I must say, I’m happy to be staying within transportation. I look forward to learning the industry and meeting you.

Thank you.