Product Profile: Tractors/Pushbacks/Utility Vehicles

Oct. 4, 2006

Eagle Aircraft Tugs

AERO Specialties is the exclusive corporate and FBO distributor of Eagle TT-Series Aircraft Tugs. The only all-wheel-drive tugs in their class, the Eagle TT-Series tugs are a proven leader with unbeatable in-service reliability. Equal weight distribution, hitch sight tunnels and all-wheel-drive traction provide the safest and smoothest pushbacks in the business.Click e-inquiry and enter #49


SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH’s PowerPush differs from other towbarless pushback systems in that it attaches to the main landing gear and does not lift the aircraft. Aircraft movement is performed by the smooth application of rotational forces to the tires by means of four friction drive rollers. During pushback the PPU is remotely controlled by the headset man. On pushback completion, the PPU is removed from the aircraft by remote command and returns to the operator after the aircraft has departed. PowerPush is faster, safer and cheaper than alternative pushback systems.Click e-inquiry and enter #50

Aircraft Tow Tractors & Runway Friction Equipment

Douglas Equipment is the manufacturer of the Douglas Tugmaster and Douglas-Kalmar range of conventional and towbarless aircraft handling tractors, which are to be found in operation with airlines and ground handling companies worldwide. Douglas Equipment also manufactures remote controlled and pedestrian controlled aircraft handlers for military applications and the Mu-Meter Mk6 Runway Friction Tester.Click e-inquiry and enter #51

CFB2000E Flatbed Tow Tractor

Charlatte of America’s CFB2000E Flatbed Tow Tractor is designed for interline and last minute baggage transfers. It incorporates a two-ton capacity rear platform which also reduces baggage cart requirements. Power for the main drive is supplied by a 40 hp (30 kw) AC motor and the standard unit has a maximum speed of 15 mph (25 km/h). A high-speed unit is also available with a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). Options include: complete cab assembly with heater, defroster, mirrors, wiper, vinyl doors or hinged steel doors, various rear canopy setups with lights and more.Click e-inquiry and enter #52

TowBear TT

KAMAG Transporttechnik’s TowBear TT is fully equipped for A380 ground handling. The hydrostatically-driven vehicle’s performance characteristics include tested pushing capability, traction and finely-adjustable drive among others. The TowBear is a tow tractor for versatile usage at airports which have to handle airplanes in different weight categories. With an ingenious KAMAG-Ballast-System, the user can configurate the TowBear weight to fulfill its tasks with the highest efficiency. It is available in three general weight classes. The vehicle is not only called as such, but is indeed just as a strong as a bear. Click e-inquiry and enter #53

Aircraft Tow Tractors

TUG Technologies Corporation’s line of aircraft tow tractors range in drawbar pull from 3,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs (1,360 kg. to 36,287 kg) and have provided dependable service to the aerospace industry for over 50 years. TUG’s Aircraft Tractor lineup can easily handle any aircraft up to and including the Boeing 747-400 and the Military C-5. Please visit our website at or contact a salesperson at 1-770-422-7230 for more information. Click e-inquiry and enter #54

ODV Omni Directional Vehicle

AeroSafe Products, Inc.’s Omni Directional Vehicle can be manufactured as a tow tractor, pushback tractor, belt loader, maintenance or water and lavatory vehicle. It rotates in its own footprint so you never have to back up. This feature alone is a huge safety factor on dark and congested ramp operations. Click e-inquiry and enter #55

Odyssey PC2250

EnerSys’ 12-volt ODYSSEY PC2250 is a new starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery that lasts up to three times as long as conventional batteries. The sealed battery design requires no addition of water and the terminals don’t need to be cleaned or retightened after installation. Offers rugged construction with superior vibration resistance and sealed drycell construction to prevent external corrosion and acid leakage. Click e-inquiry and enter #56

Towbarless Electric Aircraft Towing Vehicles

LEKTRO, Inc. manufactures towbarless electric aircraft towing vehicles. At the company’s factory in Warrenton, Oregon, LEKTRO produces nine models of towbarless aircraft tugs, ranging in towing capacity from 28,000 to 180,000 pounds. Since inventing the towbarless concept in 1967, LEKTRO has remained the world’s leading manufacturer of towbarless aircraft towing vehicles. As a testament to the reliability and durability of LEKTRO vehicles, you can find them in operation on nearly every continent around the globe. Click e-inquiry and enter #57

Eagle TT-series aircraft tractors and Eagle Bob Tail air cargo tractors

Eagle Tugs manufactures all wheel drive aircraft tractors for small to large size regional, corporate and military aircraft. The all-wheel drive TT-series aircraft tugs range from 60,000 to 180,000-pound towing capacities and provide smooth and safe pushback in all weather conditions for today’s regional, corporate and military aircraft. Eagle also is the originator of the Bob Tail air cargo tractors, that range from 30,000 to 60,000 pound high speed towing capacity. Click e-inquiry and enter #58
Product Resource

Floor-Running Rotary Lift

Rotary Lift’s floor-running pit lifts have caster wheels so technicians can roll them anywhere in the pit. These are a good choice for applications where there are several interconnected pits. The lifts can be rolled from pit to pit as needed, then stored when not in use. Pit lifts enable technicians working in the pits to raise trucks above ground level to perform maintenance and repair tasks that require the vehicle to be lifted, such as brake, wheel and transmission work. Lift capacity ranges from 30,000 to 44,000 pounds. Pit lifts are mobile and have been designed specifically to safely raise commercial vehicles positioned over a pit. They are widely used in Europe but are new to North America, where they are available only from Rotary Lift and its distributors. Click e-inquiry and enter #59


Flexco’s Flex-Lifter is a conveyor belt lifter with a 4,000-pound safe lift rating. The portable beltline maintenance tool is designed to safely lift fully loaded troughed or flat conveyor belts using adjustable wings, flat return belts and a return lift bar included with each unit. Click e-inquiry and enter #60

Digital Pressure Gauge

MICO Incorporated’s gauge provides half-percent terminal point accuracy and a standard pressure range of zero to 10,000 psi for use in measuring air, hydraulic and vacuum pressures. The pressure range complies with the ASME B40.7 standard, reducing the chance of accidental over pressure. Click e-inquiry and enter #61


Elgin Sweepers LifeLiner™ hopper system is a specially designed hopper liner and finish system that greatly improves the life, durability and functionality of a sweeper hopper. The LifeLiner system uses a proprietary polyurethane coating that is more wear resistant than stainless steel and extremely resistant to most chemicals and abrasive debris. The smooth surface finish makes dumping and cleanup easier. Click e-inquiry and enter #62

CyberAudit®-Web Enterprise

Videx’s CyberAudit®-Web Enterprise is a browser-based software program that offers cellular communication to remotely programmed user keys in the field, anywhere and anytime. Authorization can be sent to keys via a cellular phone, providing on-demand access which eliminates unauthorized entry and security risks from lost keys. Click e-inquiry and enter #63