June Hot Products

June 5, 2007
North Safety Traffic Vest and Fall Protection Harness When visibility is needed, North’s Traffic Vest Harness will keep workers safer where the danger of falls and other accidents may be present. Made for fall arrest and work positioning, the proven FP700/3D nylon, vest-style, sized harness combined with a lightweight mesh traffic vest work together to protect workers who must be seen to be safe. For more information call (888) 422-3798 or visit www.northsafety.com.
Twin Commander Fuel Quantity Indicators A state-of-the-art, digital-display Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS) for 690A/B Twin Commanders is available for retrofit. The new system, which replaces the existing analog indicator system, features a digital LCD cockpit display with Low Fuel Warning indicator, a quick-disconnect wiring harness, and a remote processor unit. Capacitance probes immersed in the fuel tanks consist of two conductive plates separated by a dielectric. A remote processor unit converts the capacitance signal to proportional DC voltage, which drives the cockpit display. The system provides SFAR 88 protection against ignition sources in the tank, including lightning strikes. The FQIS was subjected to extensive ground and flight tests before earning FAA supplemental type certification. For more information call (360) 435-9797 or visit www.twincommander.com.
Klein Tools Hand Cleaning Agents Klein Tools recently added the following four hand cleaners to its line of hand cleaners: Heavy-Duty Pumice Lotion (Cat. No. 51431), Orange Pumice Lotion (Cat. No. 51432) and Smooth Orange Lotion (Cat. No. 52433), which are available in 15-ounce bottles. The Orange Pumice Lotion is also available in a gallon container with pump (Cat. No. 51434). The hand cleaners contain premium-grade cleaning agents that effectively dissolve grease, paints, inks, and hard-to-remove soils. They are fortified with skin conditioners, and may be used with or without water. All of the hand cleaners contain glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E. The Heavy-Duty Pumice Lotion also contains lanolin. For more information visit www.kleintools.com or call (800) 553-4676.
Kaeser Sensor-actuated Drain Traps Kaeser Compressors’ Eco-Drain 30 and 31 capacitance sensor-actuated drain traps discharge contaminated condensate, but not valuable compressed air. What makes the Eco-Drain 30 and 31 unique are the quick-fit service modules. Simply snap the module into place and discard the old components. This quick and easy feature eliminates routine drain rebuilds and reduces overall downtime. In less than a minute, your Eco-Drain is back in action. All Kaeser Eco-Drains provide excellent performance in an economical package. The robust aluminum housing and patented pilot air-controlled valve technology ensure many years of reliable service even when subjected to harsh condensate. Other features include dry contacts for central alarm signaling, and LEDs. For more information call (800) 777-7873 or visit www.kaeser.com/cleanair.