AMTSociety’s Ultimate Value Proposition!

July 6, 2007
You’ll get more than you paid for

OK, what’s the ultimate value for an investment? Answer: When you make money on something you purchase, come out ahead, or simply get more than you pay for!

For those of you standing by, waiting for AMTSociety to “make sense” to join, we’ve come up with a plan that totally eliminates the value equation.
There’s no doubt now that AMTSociety is worth joining, because you will receive a $50 gift card for Brown Tools when you send us your $49 application fee! The new program, beginning July 1, is available to new members, or to existing members that wish to renew or extend their membership.

This is the ultimate value! You come out ahead by AT LEAST $1 when you join AMTSociety.

The $50 gift card can be used at Brown Tools’ newly re-designed website or at its retail outlet in Oklahoma City, OK. Air tools, hand tools, cutting tools, rivet guns, bucking bars, threaded drills, countersinks, Hi-Lok tooling, CherryMax tooling, Jo-Bolt tools, Cobalt and HSS drills, rivet sets, tool kits, carbide tooling, composite tooling, and much more is available for gift card purchase. And Brown Tools is a master distributor for: SIOUX Air Tools, DOTCO Air Tools, Chicago Pneumatic Air Tools, TAYLOR Pneumatic, and General Pneumatic.

But don’t lose sight of the fact that this is the very tip of the iceburg when it comes to the value of joining AMTSociety. AMTSociety also offers the following:

  • Free IA approved online refresher courses and IA renewal
  • Two free passes to AIE (a $50 value)
  • Free access to local AMTSociety IA renewal meetings
  • Lifetime membership to Aviation Skills Matrix
  • Entry into monthly giveaways
  • Guaranteed subscription to AMT magazine (electronic for students and certain discount programs)
  • Free AMTe newsletter
  • AMTSociety membership card (shown above)
  • AMTSociety shirt patch
  • AMTSociety toolbox sticker
  • Various discounts on special events, training, etc.
  • Much, much, more to come!

AMTSociety is growing quickly, involved in many industry activities, taking the lead on several industry issues, and working with other organizations to bring the best to maintenance professionals and AMTSociety members. We look forward to every reader of AMT magazine joining so together we can continue to develop the best and largest maintenance organization.

Thanks for reading,
Greg Napert
Proud to be an A&P

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