Military Application Products and Services

Jan. 8, 2007

GL1800AP AND ER-2875

Global Ground Support is a manufacturer of cost-effective military, airline and airport ground support equipment. Global manufactures a complete range of sizes and models of mobile deicing/decontamination equipment, catering/ cabin service trucks and fixed pedestal-mounted deicing systems. Global's ER-2875 is designed specifically for large aircraft such as the C5 and C17 and commercial aircraft such as Ilyushin, Aantonov and the new Airbus 380.
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The PF Fishpole Hoist is the world leader in ground support maintenance hoists. Supporting every major aircraft line for hundreds of maintenance methods and applications, the PF Fishpole is second to none. PF's value engineered designs offer low provisioning costs, efficient operation and strategic service locations around the globe. The fishpole utilizes the bootstrap method for rapid removal/installation of aircraft equipment and sub assemblies weighing from 15-to-1,250 pounds.
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SAKOR Technologies introduces the MicroDyne™, a fully functional, four-quadrant dynamometer engineered specifically for low power applications. Available in sizes from 100 watts to five kilowatts. For applications operating at five kilowatts and above, SAKOR's AccuDyne™ AC dynamometer system is readily compatible with larger rotary components as well as conventional engine and power-train systems, hybrid vehicle drives and electric motors.
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The 150 watt HID from Fire Research Corp. is revolutionary for the light it puts out versus the required power. This light runs on 12 volts and 12.5 amps to put out more light than a 120-volt, 500-watt quarts halogen bulb.
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Mohawk lifts is the number one lift supplier for government, state, utility and fleet lifting requirements. Mohawk offers environmentally safe, above-ground service lifts, with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 320,000 pounds.
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Tronair's stainless steel, two gallon, service unit is used extensively on the Blackhawk, Apache and Chinook Helicopters for servicing the hydraulic systems. Service unit features include a sealed fill cap, sight gauge, long pump handle, a clear air bleed line, permanent operating instructions and a quick disconnect coupling holder.
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The FRC Tankvision is a unique Tank level indicator that has been in service with the Fire Fighting industry for over five years. this level indicator is now available for deicing and ant-icing tanks. The superior design makes it reliable and easy to install.
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The Spec.-Ops. Pack-Rat is a mid-sized organizer pouch that Wemmer says is a "popular choice among troops in Iraq and Aafghanistan because of its bright yellow lining, which makes it easier to find items inside under low light." The same quality will make it valuable for travelers on overnight flights or other dim-light conditions.
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CIGNYS' CIG-30B is a high speed (55mph) ISO compatible unit that can handle both 10 or 20-foot length containers with containers of up to 24,000 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of up to 30,000 or 15,000 pounds per axle.
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T.H.E. Wallet from Spec.-Ops is big enough for a passport and boarding pass, but small enough to fit in a pocket. An optional cord lets the traveler wear it around the neck, a real bonus when juggling bags on the way to the gate.
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Summit Structures' Meridian™ buildings are available in widths from 30 to 70 feet (9.1 to 21.3 meters), to any length. Engineer-sealed drawings are available for all models. No exterior purlins and the structure is completely clear-span with no interior supports. Custom drawings and designs are available.
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The FP-50 solar LED floodlight from Carmanah provides reliable, high performance lighting wherever it is required quickly and without the costs associated with connecting to a grid-based power supply. The FP-50 is ideal for all general lighting applications, including area floodlighting, perimeter lighting, security lighting and sign spot-lighting.
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Pacific Sun Enterprises' self-contained hangar cart complete with battery, space for two nitrogen cylinders, easy system for replacing cylinders, pressure regulator, valves, connectors safety cables and an electronic tire inflator system.
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The Aviation Tire Cage from Alberth Aviation is the only tested tire cage that exceeds military safety compliance requirements. With one-half inch of steel plate protection, this clamshell design absorbs in excess of 50,000 foot-pounds of force. Triple redundancy safety features prevent pressurization mistakes. Up to 35 inch tire size.
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Unitron's Apache PwrKart is a solid-state, mobile GPU specially designed for use with Apache helicopters. It has been field-proven compatible with all configurations of the Apache, including the AH-64D Llongbow. Unitron has been officially named a qualified supplier of all-electric GPUs for the Longbow program
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CIGNYS' CIG-30A S-280 high speed mobilizer is engineered for use with S-280 size shelters and pallets, with capacity for shelter weights up to 12,000 pounds and a GVWR of 15,600 pounds, 8,000 pounds per axle limits.
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aAvtron's hydraulic carts are designed for Skydrol fluid or military red oil applications, enabling customers to test a wide range of military aircraft. Designed for single, dual, or triple systems, the hydraulic carts meet the latest military and commercial aircraft requirements. Ruggedly built to provide over 20 years of service.
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U.S. Airmotive GSE

has been serving the aerospace industry for more than 44 years with its extensive inventory and off-the-shelf, same day delivery. U.S. Airmotive is a one-stop-shop providing a full line of GSE parts including its new crush-proof lavatory hose, air start/air conditioning hoses, GPU power cable assemblies, plugs and receptacles, all types of fittings, adapters, couplings and more.
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Reelcraft's new line of light duty cord reels is designed for less strenuous applications in which a capable and long-lasting reel is required. Reels accommodate lengths of 16/3, 14/3, 12/3 and 10/3 diameter cable. Reelcraft's light duty cord reels help make the workplace safe by keeping long electrical cords up and out of harm's way.
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The Stanley Vidmar Motorized Tire Carousel is designed to help make aviation maintenance facilities cleaner, more efficient and safer by eliminating tire stacks. The Carousel neatly stores over 100 tires in a footprint as small as 50 square feet, reducing clutter and allowing customers to squeeze more tires into less space than conventional tire racks.
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CT-DECT Gatecom

This 1.8 GHz digital communication system from CeoTronics for aircraft pushback enables wireless digital duplex communication for up to eight people (U.S. version: 2.4 GHz, four people) in the service crew and speech contact with the pilot through the small interface connected to the aircraft intercom. System currently in use with Eurofighter in Germany and Spain.
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Cla-Val's Model 850GF-2 Pantographs combine the precision performance of Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves, the rugged reliability of the Cla-Val Bottom-Lloading Pantograph and the flexibility of the Cla-Val D-3 Nozzle for optimum fueling efficiency. Constructed of the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, it is backed by a three-year warranty.
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Reelcraft Industries' new two-inch, heavy duty reel built to military specifications is designed for storing and retrieving hose in military applications that require durability and trouble-free performance. These robust fuel, air and water hose reels are constructed with a two-inch fluid path and industrial gauge steel. Reelcraft also offers quality customized reels designed to your specifications.
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CIGNYS' new, low-profile, high speed mobilizer. First developed for radar systems transport, it features handling capacities similar to the ISO unit and can be outfitted with container interface connections for each specific application.
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Cla-Val's D-3 Swivel Inlet for Model 341GF fueling nozzles dual swivel action enables it to convert from a 45-degree elbow to a straight-through inlet, eliminating the need for two types of nozzles and preventing excessive wear on hoses while delivering fuel safely and efficiently.
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The Model H10-76XLl from David Clark Company affords the members of military ground crews 17-22dB of electronic noise cancellation over and above the already excellent passive attenuation of 23dB. While meeting the requirements of MIL-26542/2 (USAF), the H10-76XL is comfortable and suitable for low impedance applications.
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Power Products' advanced battery maintenance equipment offers the U.S. Navy an approved conditioner/charger that recovers batteries from common GSE problems such as deep discharge and sulfation.
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Velcon Filters has tested and qualified the following filter cartridges for use with military fuels: Coalescers—DOD sized cartridges: I-420MM for JP8 fuel and 420A4 for JP8+100 fuel. Separator Canisters: SI-422 and SI-522. Also qualified are the 656MMTB coalescers and SO-648V5 separators for JP8 fuel in horizontal vessels at a 1250 GPM flow rate, allowing Velcon to supply coalescers and separators for existing military vessels that were previously qualified to API 1581 3rd Edition Class B.
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Rhine Air's Confined Space Ventilating Equipment and Supplied Air Respiratory Protection Systems are specifically designed for fuel tank inspection and maintenance operations. These portable, effective and safe products are typically used to purge fuel vapor from the tank after drainage and supply fresh air for personnel that enter the tank.
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Cla-Val's D-3 Swivel Inlet converts from a 45-degree elbow to a straight-through inlet, enabling aircraft fueling regardless of the SPR refueling location. The D-3 Swivel inlet bolts directly to the inlet flange on Cla-Val Model 341GF and 342GF Nozzles.
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Keytroller LLC introduces a new KISS (Keyless Iignition Simple System) KISS eliminates the ignition key with one lighted START/STOP button. The button is enabled with operator's company RFID card. Operation is simple, just flash card over dash, button is illuminated green—if card is accepted—press lit button to start engine and press again to stop. Alternatively the device can be wired to enable the ignition key further improving security.
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Keytroller LLC introduces a new KISS (Keyless Iignition Simple System) KISS eliminates the ignition key with one lighted START/STOP button. The button is enabled with operator's company RFID card. Operation is simple, just flash card over dash, button is illuminated green—if card is accepted—press lit button to start engine and press again to stop. Alternatively the device can be wired to enable the ignition key further improving security.
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Kano Labs' motor-generator sets provide load isolation for computers and other sophisticated electrical systems as well as frequency conversion. With input of 50 or 60 Hz, output frequencies of 50, 60 or 400 Hz are standard.
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Transcrypt's SC20-455 scrambler offers medium level security for high frequency (HF) single sideband (SSB) radios. This after-market, add-on circuit board uses rolling code frequency inversion technology and is designed to optimize performance for the HF SSB channel. The SC20-455 is used in many military applications around the world.
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