Fuels, Fueling Equipment and Supplies

March 1, 2007

Speed Spout

Emco Wheaton's Speed Spout quick change mechanism allows spouts to be installed and removed with one hand. A variety of spout widths and lengths are available — ideal for open filling aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, tote tanks, etc. Valve design makes it easy to control flow, allowing fueler to smoothly increase and decrease flow without line shock or recoil.
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Wireless Biometric Deadman

Deadman Technologies' Wireless Biometric Deadman combines wireless and biometric technology to read fingerprints and wirelessly allow only authorized attendants aviation fueling ability. Physically, the product is impossible to jam or defeat, except by fingerprint. It employs spread spectrum technology providing electronic anti-jamming security.
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Safety Series EZ-Coil

Coxreels offers the Safety Series EZ-COIL® reels, with patented controlled retraction. EZ-COIL® models are painted in a CPCTM powder coat finish and feature updated logos and labels to differentiated easily from standard reels. The blue models will still have up to 80 percent slower retraction speed than standard spring rewind reels.
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Fuels Manager

Varec's FuelsManager Aviation is designed for airports, airlines and service providers, enabling a single solution for aviation fuels management from the fuel farm to take-off. This includes airport-level and web-based systems for: electronic fuel ticketing with automatic data capture and ACARS reporting, real-time dispatch operations, fuel accounting and daily reconciliation (ExSTARS compliant), enterprise administration third-party ERP integration and integration with airline systems.
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