Military Application Products and Services

March 26, 2007
Product Warehouse

Blast-Safe™ Jet-Blast/Perimeter Security Fencing

Blast-Safe Jet-Blast/Perimeter Security FencingTranspo Industries' Blast-Safe™ fence protects airport assets with:

  • Double-reverse corrugated (DRC) galvanized steel fabric
  • Safely diffuses jet-blast streams
  • Glare screen protection
  • Narrow profile, good for tight locations
  • Modular construction assures quick turn-around time
  • Custom designed for specific site

Mohawk Lifts

Mohawk LiftsMohawk Lifts is a supplier for government, state, utility and fleet lifting requirements. Mohawk's products are based on a combination of safety systems, design, construction and an inclusive warranty. Mohawk offers environmentally safe, above-ground service lifts, with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 320,000 pounds.

Mini-Max Cleaning and Waste Management Systems Security Fencing

Mini-Max Cleaning & Waste Management SystemPrecision, Inc. offers the Mini-Max Cleaning and Waste Management Systems, an aqueous yet waterless cleaning system, safe for the environment and the user. Mini-Max eliminates and reduces solvents and chemicals from the cleaning processes.a

Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC)

Standby Compass CalibratorThe Firstmark Aerospace Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC) eliminates the need for physical rotation of aircraft to perform calibration of the standby compass. It cancels the local effect of the Earth's magnetic field at standby compass location and adds a standard magnetic field which can be rotated to simulate aircraft heading, permitting compass error to be identified
without physical rotation.

Deicing Systems & Solutions

Deicing Systems & SolutionsDeicing Systems & Solutions provides the airline industry with aircraft deicing methods. DSS's GlycolPro Products provide efficient and economical blending systems requiring only glycol and water lines to operate. DSS also offers pumps, tanks and complete installations in addition to consulting services, system upgrades and on-site training.

Fishpole Hoist

Fishpole HoistThe Fishpole hoist is a lightweight lifting device for removal and installation of heavy equipment from the aircraft. It provides a boot strap lifting solution for hundreds of military applications on virtually all military aircraft models.

Electrical Load Banks

Electrical Load BanksAvtron Manufacturing Inc., is a supplier of ground support equipment, electrical load banks for testing ground power units, auxiliary power units, hydraulic test carts and electrical bonding meters. Avtron's equipment is designed for flight line and aircraft hanger applications.

Oxx Power Engines

Oxx Power EnginesHydrogen Engine Center, is now offering several new products for 2007 including a dressed replacement for the Ford 300 and an emissions certified model presently under development. HEC builds engines to run on: hydrogen, propane, natural gas, ethanol and gasoline.

Glycol Recovery Vehicle

Glycol Recovery VehicleA critical component in minimizing the impact of glycols on the environment is the quick and efficient clean up of spent aircraft de-icing fluid. The Vactor® manufactured Glycol Recovery Vehicle [GRV] is specifically engineered for this purpose and features high airflow, a wide sweep path and superior vacuum performance. The net result is recovery of the maximum volume of glycol effluent.

50-foot Welding Cable Reel

50-foot Welding Cable ReelReelcraft Industries' new lighter weight reel for gas welding applications offers easy storage of welding cable, allowing longer cable service life while providing an extra edge for safety. The STW3450 OLP holds 50 feet of 1/4-inch twin welding hose for use with oxygen/acetylene gasses. Features include a snap ring that exposes seals in the event they should need replacement, corrosion resistant outer casing made from tough, UV-stabilized polypropylene material, and a long-life drive spring is made from high-grade spring steel and conditioned to remove imperfections.

CGU-1/B Strap Assembly

CGU-1/B Strap AssemblyCargo Systems' CGU-1/B Cargo Strap Assembly meets NSN 1670-00-725-1437, Military 27260 regulations. The aircraft tie-down strap is 20 feet long with a ratchet adjuster and hooks.

3e-525A-3 FIPS 140-2 Outdoor Dual Radio Wireless Mesh Node

3e-525A-3 FIPS 140-2 Outdoor Dual Radio Wireless Mesh Node 3e Technologies International's, AirGuard™ wireless access point conforms to 802.11a/b/g standards, is FIPS 140-2 Validated™ and has received common criteria certification. Packaged in a rugged IP 66 weather proof enclosure, it provides an access point, gateway, bridge/repeater and mesh networking modes. Equipped with mobile power, AirGuard 3e-525A-3MP is engineered specifically for vehicular operation.

Electronic Tire Inflation System

Electronic Tire Inflation SystemCalibrating tires becomes a fast and easy procedure with Pacific Sun Enterprises' electronic tire inflation system. Simply pre-set the desired pressure using the plus or minus buttons and connect the clip-on hose chuck to the tire stem. The tire will automatically inflate or deflate to the desired pressure. Noise will sound, indicating that the tire is done.


AERODUCTAERODUCT® MIL-DTL 6000 Oil/Coolant Hose by HBD Industries meets or exceeds US Military specifications. It is designed to handle the effects of oil, alcohol, coolant and water. This hose is lightweight, easy to handle and it stays flexible while withstanding the effects of extreme temperatures.


CS5-48-2BCoolspace introduces the CS5-48-2B which features a 64 gallon water reservoir (no hose needed) and a thick 8-inch edge coated cooling media to give off temperature drops. A low water shut-off to protect the water pump and a powerful two-speed fan motor pushing 19,400 CFM's, capable of cooling down large areas for a minimal cost.

Hannay Reels, Inc.

Hannay Reels, Inc.Hannay Reels has supplied refueling reels, firefighting reels and hangar reels for maintenance & repair to military and private aviation for decades.

Desert TFX Hot

Desert TFX HotThe new Desert TFX Hot incorporates Danner's own Hot technology, specially created with a breathable Dri-Lex liner to reduce heat fatigue and perform in the extreme conditions of urban and desert combat. In addition, it's constructed of durable rough out leather that meets tough military specifications.

Weather Protector Canopy System

Weather Protector Canopy SystemEide Industries Inc. offers a portable and permanent canopy system up to 40 feet by 80 feet. It includes a steel frame, fitted top cover and perimeter side curtains which can carry up to 80 MPH wind load calculations.

Aircraft Oxygen & Nitrogen Systems

Aircraft Oxygen & Nitrogen System AERO Specialties manufactures three-bottle and four-bottle oxygen & nitrogen systems for aircraft servicing. Systems can be configured according to customer requirements and can include boosters, regulators, adapters, service gauges and spare parts kits.

400Hz-28Vdc Compact Diesel GPU

400Hz-28Vdc Compact Diesel GPU
Guinault offers a range of ground support equipment from a new generation of compact GPU, specific helicopter GPU, Frequency Converter, Air Conditionning Unit and Air Starters. The new compact 400Hz-28Vdc diesel GPU is the most compact and light in the market; insuring excellent handling and aero-transportability.

Safe-T-Alert 2200

Safe-T-Alert 2200The new Safe-T-Alert 2200 forward horns from Superior Signals produce a 107dB continuous tone when activated. The horns measure 4x2x3.5 inches and are built with encapsulated solid state electronics. The 2200 Series horns feature a black ABS housing that resists moisture, dust and vibration and can be sprayed clean. The horns survive in operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 165 degrees farenheit and operated with voltages from 12 to 48 and requiring only an input current of .4A at 28 VDC.

Cyclone UHP4006

Cyclone UH4006The Cyclone UHP4006 System removes paint lines and runway rubber deposits with no discharge to the environment and no damage to the cleaned surface. It does so with instant recovery (no external vacuum source required), simultaneous separation and containment and recycling — all onboard a single vehicle.