Content is King

May 10, 2007
Any business relies on the flow of information. In our industry, whether its ground support personnel giving signals to the pilots, calling ahead for fuel, or recording hours worked, it all depends on efficient communication.

In the past 10 years the need for communication hasn’t changed, but the pace and volume has. How many of you have a Blackberry? How many of our kids or newer members of our staffs I.M.? What’s happening is not much different than what the previous generations did on the phone, in letters or with faxes, only more instantaneous.

Looking back over the years most of us wonder how the heck we did our jobs without the databases of knowledge that are today a key stroke away. We look back longingly on the free time that was available because nights and weekends didn’t involve sifting through e-mails.

Business-to-business media is also changing. At Ground Support Worldwide we have been investing our resources into diversifying and expanding the content we offer for your business use through a relaunch of our website New and exciting features, all of which can be accessed from the homepage, include:

  • Daily news feeds containing ground handling, cargo, airlines and other transportation stories with instant industry updates
  • A digital edition of the magazine available online which can be read anytime as well as a link to our archived editorial
  • Information for classifieds and RFPs, forums and more
  • Industry video programs which can be found at a link on our website or accessed directly at (Here you can chose any one of Cygnus’ transportation brands)
  • Buyer’s Guide with an up-to-date, comprehensive database of companies with more than 100 product categories, photos and specs
  • DVD-quality product videos, accessible 24/7 (it’s like having a supplier coming to your office to explain how products work and how to easily contact them for more information)
  • And coming soon, blogs by Karen Reinhardt

Much like the first 12 years of Ground Support Worldwide, our mission remains the same; supplying relevant information to the leaders of our industry. Content is king and we deliver this information in more ways than ever before.

Comments? Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]