Career Development

Aug. 14, 2008
10 years of information to help you in your career choices.

To provide more resources for career development and in recognition of our 10th Maximizing Your Career Choice issue, here is an index of past articles. Issues and articles can be found on our website under Current Issue or Article Archives.

August 2008

  • Career Development: 10 Years
  • Dressing the Part
  • Fine Print: Letter to a High School Senior
  • Industry Scholarships: Money for Training
  • NCATT: Developing New Standards
  • Salary Snapshot
  • The Sharing Game
  • The Sky’s the Limit

August 2007

  • The Art of Resume Writing
  • Be An Interview Ace
  • Employee Turnover: A Look at the Costs
  • Fine Print: Dear Administrator
  • Interpersonal Skills: Steps to Improve Your Skills
  • Learning Beyond Part 147: Real-world Experience
  • Maximize Your Career Choice
  • Moving Up: How to Advance Your Career
  • Outsourcing: The Short Circuit to Supply and Demand
  • Salary Snapshot
  • Starting a New Job: Tips and Advice
  • Words of Wisdom: Tips for Writing for a Trade Publication

August 2006

  • FAA Feedback: Lessons Learned
  • Job Interviews: Tips From Human Resources
  • Luck: Where Preparation Meets Opportunity
  • Maximizing Your Career Choice
  • Online Degrees: What’s Available
  • Public Speaking: How to Eliminate the Fear
  • Remember This: Effective Memory Skills
  • Salary Snapshot

August 2005

  • Career Advice
  • Conflict in the Workplace
  • Ethics: Why It’s Important
  • Maximizing Your Career Choice
  • Marketing 101: Effective Personal Marketing Techniques
  • Negotiating: Tips for A Win-Win Package
  • Outsourcing: Industry Practices
  • Salary Survey
  • What’s Important to You?

August 2004

  • FAA Feedback: Light-Sport Repairman
  • Highway 6 Runs Both Ways
  • Management Matters: Searching for the Next Job
  • Maintenance Matters: Operational vs. Functional
  • NDT Testing: Paths to NDT Certification
  • Salary Survey
  • Turbine Engine Training

August 2003

  • Computer Classrooms
  • Employee Benefits
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Roundtable Followup: Where Are They Now?
  • Salary Survey
  • They’re All in Their Underwear: Public Speaking Tips
  • Tough Times: Stay On Top Of Your Game
  • What Companies Look for in a New Employee

August 2002

  • A Fresh Approach: A&P Student Roundtable
  • Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Lifetime Learning: Key to Career Success
  • Moving On: What to Do When Up is Out
  • No More Free Doughnuts: On-the-job Training
  • Quality Assurance: How Does It Impact Maintenance
  • Salary Survey
  • Second Chance: Getting College Credit
  • Secrets to Interview Success
  • Training: Close the Gap Between Current and Required Skills
  • Training Resources
  • You Have What it Takes: Becoming an Engineer

August 2001

  • Building Your Portfolio
  • E-Degrees for AMTs
  • Eye Opener: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
  • Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money
  • Instructors Wanted
  • So You Want to be a Flight Engineer
  • Survive and Thrive in Your Career
  • Training Resources
  • Turning the Turnover Tide
  • What’s Your Hiring Potential
  • Wrestling Over the Details: Negotiating
  • You’re Hired: Resume and Interviewing Tips

August 2000

  • Aviation Writing
  • Career Development in Action
  • Get Ahead By Going Online
  • Holding On to Good Help
  • It’s Your Career, Your Future
  • Learning Never Stops
  • Open For Business: Advice on Starting and Maintaining a Business
  • Opportunities Abound
  • PDP Adds Career Planning for Maintenance Career Development
  • Training Resources
  • What’s Your Vision Of Your Future in Maintenance?

August 1999

  • Become a Life-Long Learner
  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Hands Are Clean: Avionics
  • Maximizing Your Career Choice
  • Negotiating For Dollars
  • Square-Headed Professors: E-Training
  • Success, It Can Happen to You
  • What Are Your Options: Workplace Retirement Savings