AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

July 22, 2009

State of AMTSociety Address
Many of us, in recent times, have either been subject to or have observed the negative economical impact to our industry. The reality of the situation is that our profession is changing and a great deal of uncertainty exists. We see the purpose of AMTSociety to provide direction to our constituency. In this time of insecurity we offer the stability of a well-entrenched and growing professional organization. We have finalized the 2009-2010 schedule for our popular IA Road Shows and rather than reorganizing, we are partnering with strategic allies to provide greater benefits to our members. The time has come for a unified aviation maintenance community.

Many benefits can be realized from a single organization. Our sponsors would be able to concentrate all their efforts and resources in one well-defined direction to help us reach our objectives. The FAA would relish the opportunity to have a professional organization willing to steer its regulatory initiatives. The one example that immediately comes to mind isthe changes to Advisory Circular 65-25E, otherwise known as “The William “Bill” O’Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Awards Program.” With the advancements in technology and changing regulatory environment, everyone can benefit from well-targeted educational opportunities and the ability to interact with industry leaders.

The most important asset of AMTSociety is our membership. Through networking and utilizing thoughts and ideas of our associates, we can jointly provide our professional community the ability to achieve individual self-improvement including technological advancement, safety enhancements, and maintenance human factors training.

AMTSociety is a growing organization focused on you, the aviation maintenance technician. Our leadership team comes from the trenches and is as diversified as our industry with representation from all aspects of aviation maintenance. We have chapters tailored to the local needs including dedicated groups for our student members. Under the AMTSociety alliance with Cygnus Business Media Inc., we have the support of AMT magazine and affiliation with the widely acclaimed Aviation Industry Exposition. We enjoy worldwide recognition and camaraderie with the Maintenance Skills Competition.

AMTSociety has taken the initiative to partner with the FAA, providing professional insight to regulatory concerns, and is currently represented on 12 industry-sanctioned industry advisory boards. Within the last 10 days we have addressed two major aviation organizations: the NBAA Maintenance Committee and the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT). Both organizations are very receptive to our plans and ideas.

In short, we encourage you to become part of the solution — consider becoming a member of AMTSociety. Visit for details.

For more information contact Tom Hendershot, Executive Director, AMTSociety, by phone at (800) 827-8009, Ext. 4404; (303) 799-6870 direct; or (303) 909-2699 cell.

2009-2010 AMTSociety IA Renewal Program
Sept. 12, 2009, Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
Oct. 14, 2009, Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)
Oct. 28, 2009, Mahwah, NJ
Nov. 11, 2009, Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)
Dec. 9, 2009, Seattle, WA (SEA)
Jan. 13, 2010, Houston, TX (HOU)
Jan. 27, 2010, Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Feb. 10, 2010, Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
Feb. 24, 2010, Kansas City, MO (MCI)
March 16-17, 2010, Las Vegas, NV (LAS), Aviation Industry Exposition
March 24, 2010, Denver, CO (DEN)

AMT Day celebrations
To help celebrate AMT Day 2009 American Airlines held a mini-Maintenance Skills Competition (MSC) where a team of management AMTs competed against a team of TWU Local 565 AMTs in four events that were also held during AMTSociety’s MSC in Las Vegas on March 10-12, 2009. This mini-MSC was held to remind people that AMTs have the same responsibilities across the spectrum of our industry. The events included safety wiring, GIV main wheel removal/installation, Charles E. Taylor written test, and electrical/avionic troubleshooting. Each event was given 20 minutes to complete and the total time used from each event, plus any discrepancies assessed by the respective event judges, were added together to calculate a final overall score for each team. The Union team won.

American Airlines also purchased a bronze bust of Charles Taylor from artist Virginia Hess to have on display at DFW’s maintenance hangars. Plans call for having this bust on display at the terminal in the future so the public can see who the first aircraft mechanic was and, in turn, think about those skilled professionals who maintain AA’s fleet of aircraft. To help unveil this bust were Ken Durst, AA vice president line maintenance; Blair Gregg, Southwestern regional manager; and Bob Redding, AA executive vice president operations.

This year, it took three chefs to grill all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecued bologna for the more than 140 attendees at the fifth annual AMT Day picnic hosted by Baker’s School of Aeronautics in Nashville, TN. The grill masters were Eddie Baker (Baker’s School), Orville Hale (Trade-A-Plane), and Michael Hosseini (Extended Stay America). Attendees enjoyed the music of the McMurray Bluegrass Band and more than 40 door prizes were awarded.

Charles E. Taylor’s birthday was officially Sunday, May 24, 2009. Haggan Aviation, a CRS-145 repair station located at Centennial Airport, Englewood, CO, hosted the company’s second annual AMT Day program on Friday, May 22, 2009, at 11:30 a.m. There were 59 people in attendance.

This year Haggan Aviation invited its AMTs as well as AMTs from the airport, 24 students (who will graduate next month), and an instructor from Redstone College, Broomfield, CO, to join in the festivities.

Tom Hendershot, executive director of AMTSociety, made the introductions, and then all enjoyed a lunch prepared and served by Jim and Sean Carter from the Perfect Landing Restaurant (AMT August 2008, page 28), also located at Centennial Airport. After lunch Jim Hopson, shop supervisor of Haggan Aviation, conducted a tour of the facility.

The group then drove to the Anschutz Corp. corporate hangar facility where director of aircraft maintenance Jerry R. Owen, Jeff Graser, and company dispatcher Jan conducted a tour.

Next it was on to Denver Avionics where Scott Armore, operations manager, conducted a short video program and tour of the avionics facility. Everyone had the opportunity to observe all aspects of the importance of the avionics on today’s aircraft from a glider, single engine aircraft, a Model 23 Lear Jet, and an Eclipse Jet.

Dan Tancrede, president, D&G Quality Services; Scott Armore; Jerry Owen; Jim Hopson; Jeff Graser; and Tom Hendershot addressed the entire assembly. It was indeed a great day, one which Charles E. Taylor would have certainly enjoyed.

AAR Indianapolis celebrated AMT Day on May 20 with the leadership team stepping up to the grill to cook burgers and dogs for all of the AMTs and support team. The MRO took time to recognize the achievements of the more than 500 AMTs at the facility that have earned FAA training awards which included five Diamond Award recipients. The Indianapolis facility also received the Diamond Award for 100 percent participation in the program for the fifth straight year. In addition to the training awards AAR Indy recognized the team’s hard work and the progress made in implementing lean processes and improving the value of the product provided to the customer.

“AMT Day at AAR is about recognizing the achievements of our people and celebrating our profession,” said Danny Martinez, vice president and general manager of AAR Indianapolis.

In celebration of AMT Day, AAR MRO leaders, Darrell Sims Sr., vice president People Programs, and Rayner Hutchinson, VP Quality & Safety, along with Greg Dellinger, AAR’s director of recruiting, participated in a very special career day at E.F. Young School in Chicago. As it was in Charles Taylor’s time, the most important issue facing our country is an educated work force. The AAR MRO Group thinks it is imperative that the North American MRO industry as a whole come together in order to inspire women and under-represented minorities to consider the professional development opportunities within the industry. To that end, Sims, Hutchinson, and Dellinger honored Charlie by encouraging the students at E.F. Young School to develop their mechanical talents.

On May 21, Banyan Air Service technicians enjoyed a catered lunch in recognition of AMT Day. Banyan’s president, Don Campion, addressed the group and thanked them for their dedication and commitment. Campion recognized a number of technicians for their longevity to Banyan: in avionics, Steve Ouellette (16 years), Gus Gomez (12 years), Paul Krug (nine years), and in maintenance, Les Bowser (20 years), Terry Schuler (14 years), Murray Zacharia (12 years), Anthony Bessellieu (11 years), Gary Johnson (11 years), Curtis Florio (11 years), and Dave Valenta (10 years).

Corporate sponsor: American Airlines
Ken Durst, vice president line maintenance for American Airlines, accepted the AMTSociety corporate membership award from Ken MacTiernan. American Airlines has been a strong supporter of AMTSociety’s Maintenance Skills Competition and AMTSociety. This plaque was accepted on June 8, 2009, at AA’s offices at DFW Airport.