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Aug. 31, 2009
AirVenture 2009: Shows general aviation is strong

Another EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow has gone by and I must say what an event this year! With unusually cool weather for this time of year in Wisconsin, this made the entire week pleasant for those attending, and that is just what many people did. Attendance was up 12 percent, and with three-hour waiting lines to tour the A380 this was easy to determine. The airshow action was great once again and with special guests arriving all week long the excitement carried on.

After speaking with many industry execs during the week it seems our economic situation is showing signs of stabilization or at the very least a glimpse of hope. Many positive attitudes and new product plans for third and fourth quarter this year should help lead us upward and onward again.

During the week, AMT staff toured the KidVenture area where the Junior A&Ps were working hard on various maintenance tasks. We met a young lady who built her first Piper Cub airplane and flew it to Wisconsin from California by herself — she’s 16 years old. This is quite an accomplishment. After speaking with McKinley Siegfried we found out that she built the Cub in a few weeks and does all the maintenance with the assistance of her father. Is an A&P career in her future? Maybe but don’t think that will be the only thing, her aim is high and motivation is strong!

Taking pride in our accomplishments is something the aviation maintenance industry needs more of. Do you have a future A&P in your household? You just might and not even know it. Events like EAA AirVenture’s Junior A&P programs give even the slightly interested future aircraft mechanic a better understanding of what the job functions are all about, and our industry needs more of this. Most airshow events have programs similar to this. Next time there’s an event in your area, take the kids … you just never know.
AMTSociety is kicking off another road show tour of IA Renewal training events, don’t miss the first stop in Inglewood, CA, on Sept. 12, 2009.

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