Publisher's Note

April 27, 2009
A Successful Show in Las Vegas

This year‘s Aviation Industry Expo was one to remember. We were back in Vegas after being in other locations for the last two years. The ITW GSE Group held its annual golf outing, the show was a success, and the Ground Support Leaders of the Year awards banquet went off without a hitch.

The floor was abuzz with positive conversation looking into the rest of the year and the years to come. There were plenty of new products and new technology. Becoming environmentally friendly was on everyone’s mind, and how it could best fit with operational needs. A bit of news that was well received was the fact that Aviation Industry Expo will be in Vegas until 2015. Being that this year was my first year in Vegas with the show, I had a great time, and really enjoyed seeing everyone.

There is something to be said when you can gather an entire industry together and really support each other. As I walked down the aisles talking to exhibitors, I saw competitors checking out other competitors’ products and commenting on what they really liked about them. With such a close-knit community, you can’t help but celebrate others’ accomplishments.

We also need to celebrate our mistakes. By this, I mean the only way that we can produce the best possible products is by learning from the mistakes that we have made and fixing them.

Sometimes we are so focused on the positive end result, that we forget to acknowledge the process that it took to get there, and that is what really counts.

Again, the Ground Support Leaders of the Year reception was a great success this year. This is the second year that we have expanded our awards to more than just one category and acknowledged six great leaders within the industry. We are always taking nominations, so please go to our Web site at to nominate for the 2010 Leaders of the Year.

I wanted to thank everyone for a great show and a great time in Vegas, and I am looking forward to having our show in Vegas again next year.


Missy Zingsheim