Game Time for the Eagle eJP-12 Towbarless Vehicle

Feb. 8, 2019
Tronair assisted its local FBO partners by donating ground support equipment, including the eJP-12 towbarless vehicle, to support flights in and out of Atlanta for the final football game of the season.

Tronair, Inc. (“Tronair”), a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital is proud to announce the successful completion of equipment supporting the big game in Atlanta. It’s estimated that around 1 million people traveled  to Atlanta for the game, which created the need to move roughly 700-900 aircraft. Tronair assisted its local FBO partners by donating ground support equipment including the eJP-12 towbarless vehicle.

With such a high volume of aircraft, having proven and reliable equipment is critical to safety. Patrick Caligiur, Tronair's vehicle sales manager, was part of the team providing support in Atlanta. This was his second year in a row supporting the game.

“It’s always impressive to see up close everything that goes into supporting such a big event like this. FBOs handle aircraft every day; but to do it at that large of a scale, it has to be carefully planned and well-supported. On behalf of the Tronair team, we were very happy to help out in any way we could,” Caligiur said.

The eJP-12 is one of the company's newest vehicles and it performed very well with all of the aircraft. The eJP-12 is assembled at Tronair's state-of-the art facility in Swanton, Ohio, by the trusted team at Eagle Tugs. It features Zero Degree Technology for industry leading turning capabilities. Operators are able to position aircraft more precisely as the motors independently turn to reduce the space required to maneuver. The eJP-12 is designed to safely and efficiently move regional and large cabin business jets in all weather conditions. In addition, Tronair also donated the JP100S towbarless tug and a number of assorted aircraft towbars for the event.