Cold Weather GSE From AERO Specialties for Airside Ground Crew

Jan. 3, 2020

Working on an aviation ground crew is taxing work under the best conditions. It’s work that has to be done fast, it’s high stress, and it often requires a high level of specialization. Not to mention, making a mistake on an aircraft pushback or tug can put lives at risk, as well as a good sum of money. Adding the sometimes bitter temperatures, whipping wind, chilling snow or rain, and low visibility that winter can bring to the airside, and a tough, physically demanding job becomes considerably tougher.

That’s why when it comes to preparing an airside ground crew for cold weather, it’s essential to utilize ground support equipment (GSE) to make their jobs safer and more comfortable. And there’s no GSE provider that can deliver that safety and comfort quite like AERO Specialties.


Better Crew Visibility: AERO Reflective Safety Vests

Winter means darkness arrives sooner. It can also bring rain, snow, ice, and fog, which can make runways and taxiways slick and dangerous for every crew member and all of the GSE and aircraft. While investing in aircraft safety equipment and the safest, most reliable aircraft tug and pushback selection from AERO Specialties is great for the latter, pick up AERO Reflective Safety Vests in yellow and orange for the crew. These industrial mesh safety vests provide terrific visibility while remaining lightweight and comfortable.


Better GSE Safety: GSE Safety Disconnect Cover

Particularly when dealing with the challenging conditions accompanying the winter months, it’s all too easy for ground crew to be rushed, get tired, and become distracted. One oversight that can result in a significant risk to aircraft and cost considerable money is line service ground crew forgetting to disconnect GSE from aircraft before towing. There are even reports of aircraft both taking off and landing only to find a towbar still attached! The bright-red GSE Safety Disconnect Cover offered by AERO Specialties is an effective and extremely cost-effective solution for reminding crew to disconnect an aircraft ground power unit, AC unit, or any other support GSE prior to aircraft towing.


Better Vehicle Visibility: LED Beacons

An excellent way to increase visibility and improve vehicle safety on the ramp is by taking advantage of LED Beacons. A great, versatile example of those is the amber SAE Class III ECCO 6465A-MG Pulse8 Magnetic Base LED Beacon offered by AERO Specialties. This maintenance-free beacon is powered by the vehicle’s lighter port, accommodating a 12-80V operating range that makes it perfect for both fuel-powered and electric GSE.