Tronair Supports the Michigan Hyperloop Team

Feb. 20, 2018

Tronair, Inc., a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital, is proud to announce support for the Michigan Hyperloop college team for the next phase in the upcoming challenge issued by Elon Musk.

In Musk’s vision, pods of people and cargo travel between cities at transonic speeds in a network of low pressure tubes, while self-driving electric cars transport goods from Hyperloop stations to their final destinations around the country. Musk and Space X announced a competition currently in its third phase, called Competition III, and it has become an annual competition of increasing scale and ambition.

Michigan Hyperloop was one of 25 teams selected to compete in Hawthorne for Competition II, in their first year as a team. In Competition III they hope to continue and build upon their success and design an even more competitive Hyperloop pod.

Josh Green, Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning & Program Management said, “We look at this as a great opportunity to support a tremendous effort by the students at The University of Michigan. To get to this phase of the competition shows their determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Tronair is excited to be a part of the journey and we wish them the best in Competition III.”

"The Michigan Hyperloop team is extremely excited to work with and have the support of Tronair. We are thrilled that a nearby Aerospace company is as excited about our mission as we are. We are looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial partnership to help drive innovation in an exciting field," said Connor Tullis, Michigan Hyperloop Business Team.

Tronair proudly supports the efforts of the local team as a Wolverine sponsor. To learn more about the
team and follow their progress, please visit