Fully Electric Airport Apron Buses Help Reach European Green Deal Targets

July 3, 2023
The DinoBus is a 14-meter bus with a range of up to 150 km with 100 percent charge and a total passenger capacity of 120 people.

In line with the aviation industry’s increasing focus on environmental sustainability, Busnex, an experienced EU-based provider of green public transportation solutions, is launching DinoBus as a prominent contender in the fully electric airport apron bus market.

As the European Commission aims to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, ground handling is one of the industries striving to meet these targets. The transition from traditional fossil fuel-powered apron buses to electric ones is a significant step towards achieving these sustainability goals.

Giedrius Lelevicius, business development manager at DinoBus, emphasizes the necessity for European airports to embrace eco-friendly transportation options.

“These ambitious goals cannot be achieved if diesel and petrol-fueled busses continue to transport passengers. Implementing fully electric apron transportation not only enables airports and ground handling companies to reduce their environmental footprint but also aligns with the principles of the European Green Deal,” Lelevicius said.

DinoBus sets itself apart from other competitors in the industry by offering superior quality, extensive experience, and cost-effective solutions. The 14-meter bus has a range of up to 150 km with 100 percent charge and a total passenger capacity of 120 people. Furthermore, DinoBus ensures operating environmental temperature ranges between -30 and +40 degrees Celsius. The company also provides optional battery warranty extensions and offers fast production times of 7-9 months.

Busnex is part of the leading aviation business group Avia Solutions Group operating worldwide, which is a parent company to a number of experienced and well-known ground handling companies, such as Nordic Dino, Aviator, and BGS, all of whom have contributed their extensive industry know-how and support to the development of the newly presented DinoBus brand.