Aviramp Secures Additional La Reunion Business

May 5, 2023
The latest order is for Solar-Powered Aviramps, which will streamline operations further, while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Aviramp is scaling up operations to prepare for its next swathe of orders. Recently, the company has seen multiple units going into more airports in the USA, New Zealand and South Africa.

However, there is one order that really does stand out for officials at Aviramp, and particularly resonates with the company's CEO -- the latest from Roland Garros Airport on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The company sold its very first Aviramp product to La Reunion over 10 years ago -- the first ramp ever to be manufactured in Aviramp's Telford based factory, then delivered to its very first customer.

Aviramp now has a new order for another six units, all scheduled for manufacture and delivery this year. These include three solar powered internationals, one of which will be used as a static fixed terminal bridge, and the other will serve remote stands, along with two solar continentals and a manual lite. 

This ‘La Reunion’ order is a true testament to the product, and its many benefits. An existing diesel Aviramp is still performing its duty for the airport 10 years later, again substantiating Aviramp's claim that its boarding ramps and bridges are low-maintenance and still in fantastic shape. The latest order is for Solar-Powered Aviramps, which will streamline operations further, while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Aviramp's range of motorized mobile passenger boarding ramps and bridges still delivers the same core benefits in diesel or solar. They improve safety by eliminating falls from steps. They drive faster turnarounds, with a proven 30 percent faster deplaning process, as highlighted by independent trials at London Gatwick. This is why so many airlines have always remained a huge champion of Aviramp's products, and a massive influencer with airport operators and ground support staff. What is more, Aviramp's product range delivers significant cost savings, by reducing the need for ambulift and investing in expensive maintenance programs, not to mention it being a one-person operation. Aviramp also offers a seamless, all-inclusive passenger experience for everyone, including greater dignity for the PRM. Therefore, it really does give a massive return on so many different levels.

This latest project means that Aviramp is now completely operational in both airports on La Reunion Island.