Aviramp Launches Engine, Solar Powered LITE Boarding Ramps

April 10, 2018

Aviramp now offers a powered LITE, both engine and solar versions. This unit was previously operated manually, unlike the rest of the product suite. 

New features include, improved steering ability, and a fold out walkway with a height adjustable feature, allowing changes to be made, whilse in use as well as statically. Still offering one-person operation, a canopy option is available as well, providing roofing, which can be handy given diverse weather conditions. The company's standard non slip all weather flooring is also included. 

The design has remained the same, with a wheelchair friendly slope for boarding and deplaning, and the streamlined experience for all passengers in general. 

The LITE can be used operationally against aircraft and statically as a replacement extension bridge for safer boarding and disembarkation, so it is a flexible piece of ground support equipment.