How One Global Aviation Fought Sun Country and Another Paid the Price

May 9, 2019
There has been plenty of confusion between Global Aviation Services LLC of Eagan, MN, and Global Aviation Services, Inc. based in Canada.

A couple of years ago, a small aviation-services company in Eagan noticed that a Canadian firm took a new name — its name, Global Aviation Services.

Then, that other company started doing business for Sun Country Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. And then, it got into a fight with Sun Country and left. Air travelers and unpaid workers turned irate. Lawsuit and regulatory investigations followed.

All were meant for Global Aviation Services Inc. of Toronto but instead landed on its corporate doppelgänger, Global Aviation Services LLC of Eagan. For nearly a year now, says Gina Coleal, an executive at the Global in Eagan, “we’ve always had to prove that we are not the bad Global.”

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