PHL/PNE Selects Trackem GPS to Track Small Airport Equipment in Terminal and on Airfield

June 28, 2023
PHL will install Trackem GPS/Wi-Fi trackers on over 100 various pieces of equipment at the airport, to start. The unit generates location data from GPS satellites when it is outside on the apron and revert to Wi-Fi when the unit is inside the terminal.
Trackem GPS
Trackem GPS mobile app interface
Trackem GPS mobile app interface

Brantford, ON, June 28, 2023 - A recent RFP was issued by Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), for the equipment tracking on the PHL airport campus. The tender specifically requested a tracking solution that is completely independent of the PHL IT network and infrastructure, works in the terminal or on the apron seamlessly, and has a small, durable hardware form factor, with long battery life.

Earlier in June, PHL selected Trackem GPS to provide the tracking technology. PHL will install small Trackem GPS/Wi-Fi trackers on over 100 various pieces of equipment at the airport, to start. The equipment ranges from floor cleaners to golf carts, chainsaws, man lifts, ride-on extractors, snow throwers and more.

The Trackem GPS/Wi-Fi tracker is a small unit that generates location data from GPS satellites when it is outside on the apron, like a standard GPS tracker. When the unit is inside the terminal, where GPS can struggle to maintain a strong signal, the tracker will revert to Wi-Fi tracking.

“Our new tracker, software, and integration capabilities seem to be filling a gap for PHL and other airport clients of ours, where we can provide a seamless indoor/outdoor tracking solution without an expensive complex mesh network,” says Conrad Galambos, president at Trackem GPS. “In the short period of time that we have been offering this solution, we have been able to capture some large airport accounts. Quite frankly, the reason is simple. This is the perfect solution for equipment tracking in a complex and vast airport environment.”

This technology works by scanning for existing Wi-Fi routers within range (similar to how a cell phone scans for available Wi-Fi) to resolve the location of the tracker. The unit does this Wi-Fi Mac address scanning without needing any access to the airport network or any IT infrastructure. If GPS and Wi-Fi signals fail, the tracker will revert to cellular tower triangulation, providing triple redundancy.

The trackers are being set to various location updates or ping frequencies (eg. once per day) depending on what type of equipment they are tracking. At one GPS or Wi-Fi ping per day, the three triple-A batteries can last over 10 years. These trackers feature the ability to report location, speed, temperature, tilt, start/stop, and battery level. These are wireless devices, which make for an extremely simple install.

An unlimited number of PHL users will have access to a web interface and a mobile app to view the location of assets, at any time. The Trackem tracking platform provides the ability to create unlimited geofences around buildings, restricted areas, job sites, and more. Many instant notifications (eg. enter/exit a geofence, low battery, maintenance reminders, etc.) and reports are available. The system can track usage behaviors, hours of operation, maintenance schedules, and so on. The Trackem GPS platform also allows for future integration with dash cams, PTOs, BLE sensors, and offers API integration for existing Airport GIS and other software systems.