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Jettainer Rolls Out plug&fly – a New Basic ULD Service Developed for Small and Mid-Sized Airlines

Jan. 26, 2021
Jettainer, a global leader in unit load device (ULD) management, has developed and launched plug&fly, a new basic version of its full-service ULD solution. With plug&fly, Jettainer...
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Leading Ground Handling Agents Deploy Descartes Real-time Air Cargo Tracking Solution

Dec. 21, 2020
WATERLOO, Ontario, December 21, 2020 -- Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that four of the world’s largest...
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Access' Advanced is a user-friendly and powerful telematics device that helps manage a fleet with safety at the forefront. It can be quickly installed on any brand of powered ...
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Speed Control System

Sept. 17, 2020
The speed control system (SCS) automatically and smoothly slows down electric GSE to improve safety in specific areas. With a fast deployment and installation, it is designed ...
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How to Apply Abuse Prevention Technology

Aug. 13, 2020
Fleet managers have several options when looking to incorporate telematics and other advancements into their operation.