Green Cubes Technology To Demonstrate GSE Batteries at International GSE Expo

Aug. 30, 2023
The company will demonstrate batteries for electronic ground support equipment as airports and airfields across the world are switching to electric vehicles to save energy, money, and the environment.
Green Cubes Technology
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Green Cubes Technology, a leader in producing lithium-ion (Li-ion) power systems that facilitate the transition from lead acid batteries and internal combustion engine (ICE) power to green Li-ion battery power, will exhibit at the International GSE Expo 2023 Sept. 26-28 in Booth 3316 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.

Lauded as the premier event dedicated to the advancement of ground support equipment, GSE Expo is one of the most trusted platforms for information exchange, networking, and business development, providing interactive opportunities to see first-hand the products, equipment, and technologies impacting the ground support market today.

“Electric ground support equipment is becoming more pervasive in airports and airfields across the world as more facilities are switching to electric-powered options to save energy, money, and the environment,” said Robin Schneider, Director of Marketing for Green Cubes. “We are at the forefront to facilitate the transition to lithium batteries and chargers for this equipment, and we look forward to meeting our current and prospective customers at GSE Expo to discuss the continued advancement of our technology.”

Green Cubes will demonstrate its drop-in Lithium SAFEFlex batteries for ground support equipment at GSE Expo. Lithium SAFEFlex is the integration of lithium iron phosphate cells, electronics, packaging, and a software platform that was designed specifically for the harsh environmental conditions experienced on airfields. In addition to the existing Lithium SAFEFlex batteries, Green Cubes offers custom OEM batteries to manufacturers of Ground Support Equipment to meet OEM’s exacting requirements. Lithium SAFEFlex batteries also offer fast charging and allow for opportunity-charging without harming the battery.