Ground Support Spotlight: Brian Lesch

Dec. 19, 2023
The director of sales at Averest, Inc. shares his view of the evolving eGSE landscape.
Brian Lesch, Sales Director at Averest, Inc.
Brian Lesch, Sales Director at Averest, Inc.

Name: Brian Lesch

Job Title: Director of Sales

Company: Averest, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, GA


Years of Experience in Ground Support: 8

Years with Current Company: 8

Industry Committees Served On:

SAE AGE-3 Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Committee


Ground Support Worldwide: What attracted you to a career in the ground support industry?

Brian Lesch: The world of GSE is a relatively small and specialized industry and not as widely known as other industries. I love this fact and appreciate its uniqueness. There are a lot of complex challenges we face, especially in our area of batteries and chargers, and being able to work out solutions with our customers is and always will be very attractive and rewarding to me. 


GSW: What has kept you engaged in the industry?

BL: The relationships I have built over the years with my customers, other industry suppliers and our team at Averest. I am a “people person” and value the personal friendships I have made with so many in the industry.


GSW: What’s the best advice you’ve been given while working in this field?

BL: I can’t recall if was ever given a “best piece of advice” by anyone, however, I learned very quickly, from Day 1 on the job, that my reputation would be judged on being able to provide the industry’s best possible customer service and support. My customers understand that issues with batteries and chargers will occasionally arise, but the ability to swiftly respond to these problems is key in building and maintaining great relationships.

If I were to offer a piece of advice to someone new to the industry, I would tell him or her to be honest and truthful. Customers appreciate honesty.


GSW: How have you seen the ground support industry change the most during your career?

BL: The relatively quick transition to electric equipment. My first GSE Expo was in 2016, and I would guess the equipment being displayed was maybe 30-40 percent. Fast forward to our 2023 show and I would say at least 90 percent of the equipment on display was electric.  That is a stunningly fast transition. Along those same lines, the transition from flooded lead acid batteries to lithium-ion battery technology over the past 3 to 4 years has been a bit surprising, as well.


GSW: Has this change been to the benefit or detriment of the industry?

BL: No question it has been a benefit.  Many airlines have set goals to achieve carbon neutrality or reduce their carbon emissions as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability. We are certainly proud to be a partner in helping them achieve this goal.


GSW: What’s the next big thing coming to the ground support industry?

BL: Along with the standard 80v electric equipment, we are now starting to see push towards higher voltage (300v-700v) vehicles and equipment being deployed on the ramp. 


GSW: What type of an impact will it make?

BL: Existing charging infrastructure that is in place at the airports cannot charge this higher voltage equipment, which means additional chargers will need to be deployed soon to be able to keep up with the high voltage battery charging demand.


GSW: What would you say to encourage someone to join the ground support industry?

BL: I am a huge proponent of the industry and the people who work to keep the airplanes moving. If someone has a passion for aviation, cool technology and good people, I would say “jump in!”