Caster Concepts Product Showcase at GSE Expo to Feature Aerol and Modern Suspension Products alongside Twergo Xtreme

July 23, 2021

ALBION, MI – Caster Concepts Inc. is proud to announce its product lineup for GSE Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 5-7.

Caster Concepts will showcase a variety of heavy-duty industrial casters that transport heavy loads and are ergonomically designed to reduce strains and injuries.

Twergo Xtreme is a polyurethane, kingpinless heavy duty caster that minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when the wheel turns. It has the same great features of the original Twergo wheels but is designed in a barbell configuration with the wheels on the outside of the rig.

This design helps disperse weight and puts more rubber on the road, giving users a maximum capacity of 3.500 pounds per caster and maximum economic benefits. Twergo Xtreme features:

  • Exertion-reducing ergonomic maintenance-free rig
  • Sealed precision ball bearing with hardened raceways and neoprene seals
  • No adjustment or lubrication of the swivel section is required for the life of the caster.

Twergo Xtreme wheels are great for AGV’s and tuggers where high weight capacities are needed. They are reliable at higher speeds and are available in two-and three-wheel configurations.

Dual Wheel Pneumatic Caster

Pneumatic dual wheel casters are ideal for aircraft engine stands and maintenance stands. Superior performance in tough conditions on rough terrain make the Pneumatic Wheel Casters a great choice. These casters provide longer wheel life, less maintenance and high shock absorbency.

  • Ideal for outdoor use and wet environments
  • 7,200lbs max load capacity
  • Could be used for aircraft recovery dollies
  • A spring-loaded, shock-absorbing caster is ideal for outdoor use. The springs allow the wheels to roll over obstructions and provide a means to dissipate any shock. This results in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage to carts, and less noise.
  • Ideal for aircraft ground maintenance systems, engine dollies and aircraft jacks.

Pneumatic Tires offer the “give” needed to roll over small objects like gravel or even cracked cement. They are a great choice for outdoor use and wet environments associated with aircraft ground maintenance systems. These wheels are also ideal for rough and uneven surfaces including gravel, cracked cement, thresholds, and other surface environments.

Modern Suspension Casters (a Caster Concepts Inc., company)

The 95A Poly Alum Swivel Caster With Swivel Lock & Wheel Brake features a “Vari-Flex” design. This caster achieves optimal shock reduction and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance, even when the cart is empty or loaded beyond its maximum rated capacity. The Vari-Flex design utilizes an average of 50 percent of the casters rated weight capacity, ensuring performance even if loaded beyond rated capacity (this is not recommended).

Ideal for aircraft engine stands, aircraft wing jacks and dollies, large tool boxes (gang boxes), mobile sump pump equipment and all-weather applications.

Aerol Casters (a Caster Concepts Inc., company)

The Aerol SAM Suspension Unit is a heavy-duty running gear comprising of a shock absorbing unit that can be bolted to the side of an item of ground support equipment. The basic unit is used for both front and rear installations and can be made rigid or steerable by the addition of a lock pin or a steering arm. Flexible design allows for front and rear steering for maneuvering for restricted areas, or conventional front end steering when the equipment is towed. For more information about the SAM Suspension Unit, contact Caster Concepts.

The Banjo Mount running gear concept comprises a wheel, mounted on a stub axle fitted to a shock absorption unit that can be bolted to the side of an item of ground service equipment. The Banjo Mount is designed for loads up to 1,000 pounds per wheel in increments of 125 pounds. For more information about the Banjo Mount, contact Caster Concepts.