Phoenix Conveyor Belts Setting World Records With Their Global Products, Services

May 1, 2017

MONTREAL, Quebec, May 1, 2017 – Phoenix, a world-renown name in conveyor belting, is setting records with its conveyor belt products and services in the North American market.

“Phoenix-branded conveyor belting has been very popular in Europe and the rest of the world with the exception of North America,” said Bret Hall, Head of Phoenix and NBS Service-NAFTA. “However, with the recent addition of enhanced manufacturing capabilities and a highly knowledgeable sales and marketing team in North America, we now create the longest, strongest and most durable conveyor belts in the world – but our real strength is our commitment to the customer’s success.”

One of the many assets in Phoenix’s portfolio of products and services includes belt scanning.

“The abusive nature of mining operations makes it important for mines to detect and respond to issues associated with cord damages, degrading splice integrity or accelerated cover wear,” said Hall. “By proactively addressing these issues, mines can extend the working life of their conveyor belts and optimize mine throughput. It is for this reason many mines have periodic scans completed for their critical mainline conveyors.”

Phoenix offers the following types of protection systems: Phoenoguard PX which has a complete range of capabilities that utilizes both carcassa and cover monitoring technologies; The most innovative and reliable belt monitoring solutions available including Splice Guard, Cord Guard and Sensor Guard. Combined, these protection systems are unmatched in the industry.

The Phoenix conveyor belt products include textile conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts and special belts for custom applications and unique handling system designs.

Covers of the textile conveyor belts consist of abrasion-resistant rubber quality with high values for strength and elongation.  Features of the Phoenix steel cord conveyor belts include high-breaking strength with highest capacity and long working life with lowest needs for maintenance.  Special belts include Phoenopipe which are primarily used where bulk materials must be conveyed along horizontal and vertical curves in confined spaces.

A variety of Phoenix field services complete the conveyor belting portfolio. The services focus on safety, belt installation, belt splicing and materials, belt reconditioning and rolling, pulley lagging, belt cleaners and conveyor maintenance. “To complement our products and field services, we incorporate the latest and most innovative compounds in the business,” said Hall. “Together with our technological expertise, we offer our customers a solid selection of products and services.”

He added that the Phoenix brand would be served by a NAFTA-centric group of distributors located in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.  Additional information is available at

About Phoenix
Based in Hamburg, Germany, Phoenix has manufacturing locations in Europe, Asia and now North and South America.  The Phoenix brand is a business unit of Continental A.G., a global company that has been in the rubber business for more than 150 years.  Continental is based in Hannover, Germany.