Diagnostic Software to Simplify the GSE Repair Process

Feb. 13, 2024
JPRO helps all skill levels increase efficiency and prevent wrong repairs.

When ground support equipment (GSE) is not working properly, JPRO Professional or “JPRO,” a diagnostic application from Noregon, is designed to simplify the diagnostic process for personnel of any skill level.

“In ground support, anyone can use JPRO since it is user-friendly. It does not require an advanced mechanic. The benefit of JPRO is that it has built-in educational features, meaning that non-advanced mechanics can learn how to use the equipment without pulling away and relying on advanced technicians,” says Jason Hedman, Noregon product manager. “With this in mind, master level technicians also greatly benefit from some of JPRO’s advanced features for diagnosing tricky issues.”

With its user-friendly interface, guided diagnostic features and troubleshooting steps/diagrams, Hedman says JPRO assists in identifying, repairing and troubleshooting issues for both commercial vehicles and heavy duty equipment.

Diverse types of GSE can benefit from JPRO. Specific examples include, but are not limited to baggage tractors, deicers, belt loaders and ground power units (GPUs).

In addition to simplifying the repair process, JPRO can increase the efficiency of GSE maintenance.

“Unlike other diagnostic software that requires multiple tools to meet on and off-highway needs, JPRO offers broad coverage,” Hedman says.

The original JPRO was launched in the diesel diagnostics market in 2007. The version known today as JPRO Professional and shortened to “JPRO” was introduced in 2016.

“Since its first launch, each version has undergone continuous improvements, such as the expansion into the off-highway market and the addition of a Road Worthiness feature in our latest update JPRO Professional 2023 v4,” Hedman says.

Coverage for GSE became available in JPRO Professional 2023 v1, but each version since has remained applicable by improving the features and coverage available for that type of equipment. Noregon releases three or more major updates each calendar year, aiming to continually improve the benefits for GSE and other types of diesel equipment, Hedman says.

One recent example is the ECM (engine control module) Update Alert, which allows JPRO to alert users when a firmware update is available.

When the release was announced in August 2023, Hedman said one of the first troubleshooting steps a technician should check is whether the ECM’s firmware is up to date.

“Outdated firmware can cause all sorts of issues that can lead techs down a time-consuming rabbit hole, when the solution is as simple as flashing the ECM,” he says. “JPRO now alerts users when a firmware update is available for major component manufacturers like Cummins and Detroit.”

JPRO Professional utilizes the same standards for GSE that it does for on-highway vehicles. Hedman says this is because GSE has the same types of engines, transmissions, brakes and standard communications that on-highway vehicles use. Therefore, many common GSE issues and needs are similar to on-highway vehicle issues and can include emission system issues, diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues, regen resets and more.

“Technicians simply connect the vehicle or equipment to their PC or device via an adapter and JPRO translates the information from the connected asset to make it usable for the technician,” Hedman says. “The connection to the GSE should take about a minute to fully read from the time they hit ‘connect’ to the time they start working on the GSE equipment.”

Key data points (KDPs) from each component are shown on the main screen.

“JPRO reads all vehicle systems at once, pulls in the pertinent data points from the ECM so you can understand what faults are across each system, and shows KDPs across the bottom of the screen,” Hedman says.

Instead of taking a manual approach, JPRO guides the user through the ideal diagnostic and troubleshooting steps.

Guided diagnostic features and troubleshooting features are used when one or more faults are active, and technicians must uncover the cause of the faults to repair the issue.

For example, JPRO Repair Mentor is an assisted diagnostics tool. Current vehicle issues affecting vehicle health are listed in preferred diagnostic order. The user selects “Begin Diagnostics” to begin. JPRO then opens the applicable feature, such as fault guidance, which focuses on troubleshooting assistance.

Fault guidance shows the fault code as well as items to verify and check. Depending on the fault, the user may need to perform tests to narrow the search. Bi-directional tests can be accessed from fault guidance.

Based on the fault selected, the tabs change. Tabs include Overview (a detailed synopsis of the selected fault and the affected vehicle systems), Wiring (shows diagrams with wires, components or connections to test) and Troubleshooting Tasks (physical and electrical inspections to be performed). A locator tab shows detailed photos or illustrations to locate components such as sensors.

Inspections and reports can be saved and accessed in JPRO, which has custom reporting capabilities. Hedman says this feature is useful across an organization to help ensure that each user is using the same preventive maintenance or vehicle inspection standards.

In addition, a recording feature is used throughout every connection to create a snapshot of the state of the vehicle, creating a log file. There is also a manual record feature that can be used throughout particular sessions for users to see how data values respond while they are driving or performing another procedure, to verify issues and determine the root cause of issues.

Additional resources available through JPRO include: OEM Applications, which allows use of any manufacturer software installed on the computer; definitions of unfamiliar industry terms; and JPRO Resource Portal, which offers self-paced training opportunities for techs to learn on their own schedule.

Noregon offers a variety of options from a la carte software to a complete diagnostic service kit with JPRO, NextStep Repair (product focused on service information), and Technician as a Service (TaaS), which provides technicians with the ability to speak with a master technician who can remotely assist with a diagnostic or repair procedure; a Panasonic Toughbook; adapter; and vehicle cables.