Maintaining Maintenance Equipment

April 14, 2022
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The shop equipment used to maintain assets requires regular care to remain in peak operating condition.

For example, Navi Gupta, president at Preneet Holdings, points out APU stands should be inspected every six months. What’s more, a comprehensive check should be conducted once a year.

“The stands that have isolators (GTCP 131-9B and GTCP 131-9C) need to have isolators changed every 5-7 years depending on condition,” he adds.

Mechanics should keep watch for indications that an APU stand may need repair, including signs of rust and excessive wear and tear.

A repair on an APU stand may require the equipment to be out of service for 2-4 days. However, Gupta notes routine maintenance can usually be completed with 24-48 hours.

When determining whether to repair or replace an APU stand, mechanics must compare the cost of repair versus that of a new unit.

“Also the amount of damage and type of damage,” Gupta adds. “For example, if rust is present, the stand can be sand blasted and re-painted. If a mounting bracket is bent or broken, it may be advisable to replace the stand.

“A certified APU stand can provide trouble-free service for several years without any major issues, maintenance or repair. Also how the stand is used and stored will affect the durability of the stand,” he continues. “For example, if a stand is used to store the engine for long periods of time as opposed to being used to transport APUs extensively. Also, if stands have isolators and are stored outside as opposed to inside or a controlled environment – will prolong the life of the isolators.”

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