Guinault's Battery-Operated GPUs Optimize Operations

July 28, 2023

A specialist of 400 Hz power supply, air conditioning and air start units since 1949, Guinault provides the most efficient and reliable services and products to ensure ground power/air conditioning and air start to the aircraft. Guinault uses its in-house expertise in industrial refrigeration, power and digital electronics, and electromagnetism to offer the best product for the purpose, powered by engine, the grid or lithium batteries. Guinault air conditioning units (combined with 400 Hz GPU or not) are designed to substitute for an aircraft’s APU on the ground and maintain the good temperature in the cockpit and cabin during pre-flight operations, boarding and maintenance. These units make it possible to meet the needs and requirements of a wide operating range in terms of climatic conditions and aircraft type. Thanks to Guinault’s expertise in industrial refrigeration with its two cooling circuits, there is a better control of frost as well as a better regulation and compensation possibility.

The Guinault battery ground power unit ensures the supply of electrical power to aircraft up to most of aircraft types. It is based on the Guinault ultra-sturdy mobile GPU technology in operation on 130 countries, Guinault solid-state converter, and third-party ultra safe LFP (lithium-ion high-capacity battery). With Guinault’s battery-operated GPUs, users have a reliable zero-emission ground power system that further optimizes the working environment and operations with aircraft on the ground. The Guinault digital control system allows a deep monitoring of the operations remotely, as well as SMS/e-mail alerting. This extremely precise trouble shooting tool has become a major help in the technical support of the product, instantaneously and from everywhere. Guinault E-GPU took advantage of the large inhouse expertise in power electronics, magnetics and digital electronics to deliver the right solution for a zero emission APU-OFF. Besides ecological benefits, this also makes sure that pre-flight operations can be handled safely and reliably.

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