Cavotec Signals Growth Potential with Launch of New Tagline and Strategic Direction Statement

May 8, 2018

Global engineering group Cavotec has launched its new tagline and strategic direction statement. Two defining elements of the Cavotec identity that reflect the Group’s key role as a trusted industrial partner for a global customer base, and its intent to maximise future growth potential.

“Cavotec has a long history of developing connection technologies – whether it is connecting a port crane to power or an aircraft to cooling or heating. In many applications, we are delivering today what will be the industry standard tomorrow. These unique qualities are encapsulated in our new tagline: Cavotec, We Connect the Future,” says Cavotec CEO Mikael Norin.

Following a thorough review of the organization capabilities and Cavotec’s markets, the Group’s new strategic direction statement is as follows:

We want to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer and more efficient by providing innovative connection solutions for ships, aircraft and mobile equipment today.

The new tagline and strategic direction statement are part of the Cavotec Group’s transformation program, A New Day. Headed by Norin, the program incorporates 50 separate, targeted projects. The transformation process is set for completion by year-end 2018. The goal of the program is to make the necessary internal organizational and operational changes that will ensure that Cavotec is positioned to fulfil its considerable growth potential in the years ahead.