Ground Power For The Super Bowl

May 22, 2013
The power may have gone out after half-time, but power was flowing to hundreds of private aircraft morning, noon and night.

The 2013 Super Bowl XLVII was exciting for many reasons, most notably the large power outage that altered the game dynamics, arguably giving the 49ers a momentum advantage that was ultimately squandered.

Nonetheless, rest assured that the power was flowing at the local FBOs that reached maximum capacity during the Super Bowl. Rod Gray of AERO Specialties was on-hand to provide Landmark Aviation NEW and Signature Flight Support MSY aircraft ground support equipment that serviced the remarkable volume of private aircraft arriving for the event.

The AERO JetGo ground power units and Eagle TT-Series tow tractors ensured there was enough power to meet the demands at Landmark NEW and Signature MSY. Between the Eagle TT-12D tug and JetGo 550Mti-RJ GPU, it was a close tie for event MVP.

Despite complications at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Gray, AERO’s U.S. Atlantic Division director, captured all the action on the ramp. Gray ensured the American-made muscle under his supervision provided the power required to start jet engines and move aircraft during one of the highest trafficked sporting events for private aircraft.


On game day, Feb. 3, Landmark NEW had 320 aircraft parked on its ramp. Over the course of the weekend Landmark NEW serviced approximately 700 aircraft and brought in 28 extra line personnel from other Landmark locations to operate the service equipment.

The hum of turbine and diesel engines rang strong from three staging areas set up to provide all aircraft support services.

Each independent equipment service area included GPUs, tugs, towbars and heads, lavatory carts, and potable water carts.

Landmark NEW had its program dialed-in and AERO is extremely happy to have provided them with the JetGo 550Mti-RJ and Eagle TT-12D that helped this amazing operational feat become a success.

Around midnight after the game, as aircraft departures increased, marshalling wands were in short supply and some specific towbar head pins were needed.

Gray came to the rescue and pulled the equipment from his trailer. He also managed to find a necessary lavatory t-handle tool. An older fully operational Eagle tractor was even reinstated for service.

Aircraft departures continued through the night and into Monday afternoon. Mike Smith, Landmark NEW operations manager, is said to have been awake for two days without faulting or skipping a beat.

The JetGo GPUs and Eagle tugs performed under load, without disruption alongside Smith and his crew. Here at AERO, our hats go off to Mike and his high-quality line staff.

As the aircraft departures decreased Monday, Gray, in his charming Australian manner, put it to Landmark NEW General Manager, Addie Fanguy: “Good on you, mate. Cheers!”

Over at Signature MSY, the additional GSE helped all aspects of their operation as well as Jeret Peltier, lead line service technician, thought the JetGo GPU was easy to operate and maneuver, which afforded his staff time to service higher volumes of aircraft.

The hybrid unit’s low noise levels enhance the customer service experience that Signature customers have come to know and expect. We’re extremely happy that Jeret and his crew believe the JetGo not only performed under pressure, but helped create increased value for Signature MSY customers. Manufacturing high-quality equipment that exceeds our customers’ expectations is priority number one here at AERO Specialties and we are always eager to impress new customers.

We here at AERO appreciate the amazing opportunity to work with top-notch operations like Landmark NEW and Signature MSY during operationally critical times. The Super Bowl is a spectacular display of sportsmanship and entertainment, and the aircraft GSE operations behind such events don’t go unmatched. AERO is proud to supply equipment solutions that enable smooth operations at special events. Please contact us with rental equipment questions or inquiries for your next event.

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