Gammon Releases Self-Flushing QD Sample Kit

Sept. 9, 2019

Using traditional sample kits to get an accurate, representative sample of the fuel in your system you need to flush up to a gallon, or 4 liters, of fuel before you took the sample. Otherwise, the sample could have dirt or water that had collected in the probe or QD. Without proper flushing, good fuel can be thought to be contaminated and good filters can be thought to have failed.

The Self-Flushing QD Sample Kit solves this, and reduces the amount of time spent and the volume of fuel you have to handle. This means less personnel exposure, less fuel to spill and less risk of fire.

How does it work?

The Self-Flushing QD Sample Kit has "concentric" flow paths. When you are not taking a sample, there is a flushing circuit open. Fuel inside your piping impacts the probe inlet at or near the center of the pipe and this impact produces a slightly higher pressure. This causes fuel to flow down the probe tube and into the QD body.

Fuel flows down the center of the poppet and then outwards, around the outside of the poppet and back to the main pipe through passageways on the outside of the probe. This flow sweeps the QD clean whenever there is flow in the pipe. When you actuate the QD on the Self-Flushing QD Sample Kit, the poppet moves back and closes off the flushing circuit, so that only fuel from the center of the pipe, the probe tube inlet, will reach the QD. This is a very simple concept, it is a wonder no one thought of it before! Available now in all-aluminum, made 100% in the USA. Reduce your sample fuel by up to 80%, reduce risks and get better, cleaner samples.

Note, a ball valve cannot be added because it would eliminate the flushing circuit, but a remote mount adapter setup is available for those who wish to mount the QD on a control panel or other remote location.