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TCS OnPoint Pnuematic Piston Injection Pump and Metering System

Set a target PPM concentration ratio, and the TCS 3000 register will control, monitor and self-adjust the single or dual injection pump and metering system to ensure users maintain...
Gazpromneft Aero
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Gazpromneft-Aero Implements Innovative Method of Aviation Fuel Microbiological Control

Oct. 15, 2020
Gazpromneft-Aero, the aviation fuel business operator of Gazpromneft, has become the first Russian company to implement a unique microbiological quality control system for aviation...
Photo courtesy of Conidia Bioscience
Aircraft Parked On The Ground (1)
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How Fuel Contamination Threatens Grounded Aircraft

Sept. 17, 2020
Because fuel is static and may be warm for extended periods without being in flight, difficult to detect “hotspots” of microbial contamination can occur.
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New DEF in FSII Field Test Provides Another Layer of Protection in Contamination Prevention

The DEFKit, available now through Gammon Technical Products (GTP) is a simple to use field test for detecting Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Fuel System Icing Inhibitor. Developed by...
Shell Aviation
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Shell Introduces First Industry Solution to Meet SAP-Free Refueling Deadline

Sept. 2, 2020
Shell Aviation, working with filtration experts FAUDI Aviation, has launched Shell Jet Protection, a Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP)-free refueling system.