Westmor Industries Acquires Metzler Bros Tank, Truck, and Trailer

Jan. 3, 2023

Morris, Minn. - Westmor Industries, LLC, one of North America’s most comprehensive energy storage, transportation and dispensing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, announced their acquisition of Metzler Bros, Tank, Truck, and Trailer.

The new location has been rebranded as Westmor Industries and expands Westmor’s ability to sell and service refined fuel and propane transportation products in the mid-Eastern US. Westmor’s Eastern customers will now have access to an extended network that includes a location in Duncansville, PA. Metzler Bros, Tank, Truck, and Trailer’s customers will get the same great people and service they’ve always worked with plus access to numerous other locations, products and services.

“Metzler Bros Tank, Truck, and Trailer was a great match for Westmor with its culture and desire to build strong customer relationships. They’ve always provided exceptional quality products and services,” stated Mike Hennen, General Manager of Westmor’s Truck and Trailer Division. “We’re excited to welcome our new team members, customers, products, and services while growing Westmor’s footprint.”