Gazprom Neft Launches Digital Transport Monitoring System to Improve Transportation Safety

Oct. 30, 2020

Gazprom Neft has launched an integrated digital system designed to monitor the safety parameters of road transport at logistics, processing and distribution enterprises. A set of technical and software solutions enables real-time monitoring of key parameters, and has the ability to release special mechanisms for the prevention of emergency situations. More than 2,000 units involved in the company’s operations (from passenger cars for personnel to tank trucks carrying oil products) are now connected to the digital system.

The software core of the system, which has been developed based on Russian technologies, is capable of processing the incoming data stream from 5,000 vehicles simultaneously. The monitoring system consolidates and analyses over 30 telemetric parameters, taking into account the qualification data of each driver, including experience, authorizations, certificates for special driving skills, etc. After receiving the data in real-time mode, the system classifies deviations based on the assessment of risk derived by the degree of violations. To prevent a potentially hazardous situation, the dispatcher has the ability to contact the driver and adjust the control parameters, such as speed or trajectory of movement.

Plans for the further development of the Gazprom Neft digital vehicle monitoring platform include the integration of an on-board video analytics system and machine vision algorithms. The system will be equipped to perform an autonomous situation assessment and subsequently correct driver's actions.

“Ensuring the safety of our operations and employees is our top priority. The new digital monitoring system will become a key element of the vehicle management and traffic control system. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we are able to react to potential risks in real time and ensure the maximum level of transport safety,” says Eduard Sharafutdinov, Head of the Industrial Safety Department for the logistics, refining and distribution unit of Gazprom Neft.