SkyMark's Conley Promoted to Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Jan. 22, 2019

KANSAS CITY, KS. (Jan. 16, 2019) -- Janina Conley has been promoted to sales and marketing coordinator at SkyMark Refuelers.

“This is all about customer service for us,” confirms Steven Paul, CEO. “We want our new and valued customers to have a primary point of contact – someone who’s efficient and knows how to get answers quickly. There’s no one better at that than Janina.”

Conley has been on the SkyMark team for three years and in customer service for six years. She is well known for her efficiency and responsiveness.

For SkyMark customers, this new role means quicker response time on quotes, order status and general questions.

“My goal is to respond to calls and emails within 24 hours,” says Conley. “If I can’t address the issue directly, I will know who can. I’m thrilled to be the first point of contact for our customers.”

Conley has trained with SkyMark’s first-rate engineers and sales team to learn how the trucks run from beginning to end.

“I’m very hands on,” admits Conley. “I like to have a deep understanding of our trucks and exactly how they work. Now I get to use this knowledge to assist our valued customers.”

Some of Conley’s responsibilities include providing pricing for new customers, responding to customer questions on existing orders or order changes, coordinating trade shows and client entertainment, assisting with customer visits and other customer needs.

“I can help with everything from ordering through delivery, including warranties, documentation, service, order status, shipping date, timeline, modifying an existing order, or facilitating the inspection of a truck before delivery,” explains Conley. “I’m pleased to be part of SkyMark’s move toward more personalized customer service.”

SkyMark boasts the most-tenured and elite team in the industry and offers a full range of customized aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers and fuel storage systems worldwide.