Bravo Zulu Fueling Systems Launches new Onshore/Offshore Self Contained Fueling System

Oct. 17, 2017

Bravo Zulu Fueling Systems Inc., offers a self-contained fueling system that can be instantly installed in onshore and offshore applications, which comply with or exceeds the latest domestic and international industry standards and best practices.

The fueling system offers instantaneous operational setup for remote or temporary fueling operations and additionally offers a design that is a “replacement in kind” for existing offshore equipment.

The system meets API/IE 1540 Standard for Design, Construction, Maintenance and Inspection of aviation fueling systems along with CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Operations Chapters 7&8. The filtration system utilizes vessels and elements that meet API/IP 1581 and 1583 Specifications and qualification for aviation Jet Fuel Filter latest editions.

Fuel storage tanks can be fixed storage or portable DNV tanks which eliminate IBC totes, reducing risk and enhancing fuel quality significantly. Bravo Zulu offers these systems for lease or purchase.

A “Fail Safe” system design ensures fuel quality, while electronic fuel quality interface with email communication capability sends system status alerts to designated managers in real time.