Cavotec Cements Leadership in Innovative Aviation Fueling Systems

Aug. 31, 2017

Airport planning and infrastructure development requires safety, operational excellence and modern technology. Cavotec is currently working on the manufacture of a total of more than 750 in-ground aircraft fueling systems that will ensure more than 250 million passengers can travel around the globe.

Refueling aircraft is a critical operation where safety is paramount due to the presence of ground handling personnel and passengers in and around aircraft. Cavotec has been at the forefront of fuel hydrant development since the 1960s, and continues to supply customers worldwide with turnkey fuel hydrant systems solutions that meet Joint Inspection Group (JIG) standards.

One of the challenges, other than ensuring a complete fuel hydrant system reliability and safety, is to deliver turnkey solutions that meet the needs of ground handling operations, and cope with airports’ ambient conditions. Of the 750 in-ground aircraft fueling systems currently in production, some will be in service at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport under snow and freezing conditions, while at Istanbul Grand Airport, Tenerife-South Airport, and Algiers International Airport hot temperatures and humidity will present harsh summer conditions for the systems. Cavotec needs to ensure all systems are designed and manufactured based on these sorts of variables, and able to be readily serviced when required.

Contractors responsible for Turkey’s flagship New Airport project selected one of our newly designed fuel hydrant systems, and at Tenerife-South Airport and Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, Cavotec has supplied fuel hydrant pits. Their design offers quick and easy integration into aprons, which shorten the installation phase and accelerates project completion times – critical considerations for contractors.

Cavotec’s innovative aviation fuel systems ensure that the fueling operations are safe and the equipment enables them to run smoothly.

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