Bring Your Fuel QC into the 21st Century and Make Those Audits Easier

Jan. 7, 2015
Aviation Training Academy in partnership with Bassco Services, Inc. offer web-based Fuel Quality Control checklist forms.

Aviation Training Academy (ATA) and Bassco Services, Inc. announce the availability of electronic Fuel Analysis Safety Tool (F.A.S.T.) Forms, a comprehensive online management tool for fuel handling quality control documentation. 

The self-management tool is revolutionary in the marketplace, providing an easy to use, electronically documented method of conducting and tracking daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual fuel quality checks. Each checklist guides the user through entry of data and is accompanied by a task specific, standard operating procedure training video clip. Users may enter remarks and photo imaging to memorialize testing results and/or anomalies.

Alerts can be sent to key personnel, should required Fuel Quality Control checks not be performed. Records are easily and remotely accessible to corporate leadership and customers may be granted access to perform audit functions remotely. 

About Aviation Training Academy (ATA)

"ATA provides the industry with comprehensive and standardized training and continued education of professional aviation ground support personnel. ATA's no membership fees philosophy provides standardization of training in a flexible format, eliminates training related travel expense, and can be accomplished on your schedule. You can contact Aviation Training Academy at email [email protected], or Deborah by telephone at (757) 348-5862.

About Bassco Services, Inc.

Bassco Services, Inc. has grown to be recognized as a service provider for all of the major oil companies in the field of aviation fuel delivery, equipment maintenance and quality. We are proud to say that over the years our company has experienced growth by standing behind our established motto, "Whatever it takes!" to provide excellent service in the aviation industry. Bassco Services, Inc. made be contacted by telephone at (214) 352-4432 or email at: [email protected]