WFS Wins Seven-Year Deal For Into-Plane Fueling At HKG

July 1, 2014
Contract extends the ground service provider's 16-year relationship with the airport that has seen WFS fuel more than 900,000 flights with around 37 billion liters of fuel.

The contract awarded to Worldwide Flight Services Fueling (Hong Kong) Limited is effective from 6 July 2015 and was won in a competitive tender process. It extends the company’s working relationship with the airport and its customers in Hong Kong, which began 16 years ago. Over this period, WFS has fuelled more than 900,000 flights with around 37 billion liters of fuel. It currently serves some 50 airlines and other customers in Hong Kong.

Ron Taylor, WFS’ Vice President for Hong Kong-Asia, said: “We are proud to have been part of the development and growth of Hong Kong International Airport over the last 16 years and to now be looking forward to a long-term future of serving customers at the airport, one of the world’s leading aviation hubs.

The Airport Authority has recognized our contribution to the airport and our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction in a high volume working environment, whilst operating to strict international safety standards.” Along with other into-plane fueling operators at the airport, WFS is recognized for playing an important role in the high quality and cost efficiency of airport services provided to airlines in Hong Kong. As part of its global sustainability program, WFS is also ensuring all of its vehicles for into- plane fueling at the airport meet Euro 5 emissions standards to reduce its carbon footprint.

Barry Nassberg, Group Chief Operating Officer of WFS, added: “In 1998, we launched an important independent entity in Hong Kong to meet the into- plane fueling needs of the airport’s airline customers. By ensuring open and fair competition, airlines in Hong Kong now benefit from one of the lowest into-plane fueling service charges in the world. We are therefore proud to be continuing our important role at the airport for a further seven years and to be providing continuity of our high quality services to both our existing customers and new airlines that will be coming to Hong Kong in the future.”

WFS’ into-plane fueling services are supported by a long-serving team of personnel and in-house training programs to ensure the reliability and safety of its services and equipment.