Savings Calculator Featured in New Website from Ecogreen Tank Monitor

April 17, 2019

Ecogreen Tank Monitor introduced a new website on April 15th, 2019 featuring an interactive Savings Calculator to help estimate how much money can be saved by deploying tank monitors. With tank monitoring, users can see how many gallons of liquid are left in a tank at any given time. This data is typically viewed on a computer, smart phone or device and can be used to reduce costs associated with purchasing and managing the tank’s inventory. The Savings Calculator helps estimate those reduced costs.

A typical Ecogreen customer is a commercial operation with onsite storage tanks for fuel, water, chemicals or other liquids. Customers such as these are found in construction, agriculture, aviation, trucking, municipalities and other categories. Without a tank monitor, the customer would need to manually check liquid levels and place orders with their supplier to fill the tank. If ordering isn’t managed closely, the customer risks running out which can be costly, especially if it results in idled workers and equipment.

Another source of savings is the elimination of the need to manually check tanks. This can be time consuming and potentially unsafe since some tanks must be climbed and measured manually with a dip stick from atop the tank.

For some users with enough tank capacity, tank monitoring can even allow them to hedge on price by buying more when the price is low and stretching inventory when price is high while still managing tank levels closely enough to avoid running out.

The Savings Calculator allows for the input of the labor costs of manually checking tank levels plus the cost of run-outs that result in idled equipment and workers. The calculation results in an annual savings which can be compared to the cost of purchasing or leasing the Ecogreen Tank Monitor.

The example data on the Savings Calculator shows a tank with a 1000-gallon capacity and requires someone to spend 102 hours annually checking tank levels at wage of $12 per hour. Add 2 run-outs per year which cause a downtime of 10 hours for 5 workers who make an average of $16 per hour. Total savings in the example is $2,848.

Fuel distributors and suppliers of other liquids can also use the Savings Calculator. For them, the calculation determines delivery cost savings based on Cost Per Delivery or Cost Per Mile.

View the Ecogreen website and Savings Calculator at and