Textron GSE Introduces Intellimix Technology for Safeaero 220 Deicer

Sept. 13, 2022

Textron Ground Support Equipment Inc., a Textron Inc. company and a leading supplier of ground support equipment for the global aviation industry, introduces Intellimix technology for its Safeaero 220 single-operator deicer.

Intellimix technology optimizes the deicing process by delivering the perfect blend of heat and fluids. In traditional deicers, fluids are mixed and heated on the vehicle’s chassis and then pumped up the boom for spraying. This process requires fluids to be flushed between planes as the ambient temperature changes, to ensure that the correct fluid mix is deployed. Intellimix circulates at temperature fluids used in the deicing process, but does not mix them until they reach the nozzle. This eliminates the need to flush fluids, lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, enhancing safety, and reducing environmental impacts.

Intellimix will be featured on the Safeaero 220, which offers customers the efficiencies of one person driving, maneuvering, and deicing the aircraft from one cab. The CE-certified Safeaero 220 is a high-performance deicer, with features that include an extensive operational radius and compact size, stainless steel tanks, 4-mode nozzle control system, automotive steering, and collision warning system. Now, Intellimix technology is the perfect addition to the Safeaero 220 for even more efficient, safe, and reliable deicing.

“Intellimix technology enables us to increase our customers’ operating efficiencies while strengthening our commitment to sustainability,” said Matt Chaffin, vice president and general manager, Textron GSE for Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. “The Safeaero 220, equipped with Intellimix, is designed to exceed customer expectations and offer superior performance when time matters most.”

Intellimix will debut at the 2022 GSE Expo Europe, Sept. 13-15 in Paris at the Textron GSE Booth EX36.