Deicing & Anti-icing Fluids

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Deicing & Anti-icing Fluids

Drain Guard

Inland’s Guard is an under-grate drain block valve designed to prevent liquids from reaching stormwater systems. It is used to contain spent aircraft deicing fluid and fuels. ...
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A Boeing 747 brake unit with heavy oxidation.
Deicing / Anti-icing Equipment & Services

Deicing Training and Awareness Can Prolong the Life of Aircraft Brakes and Save Airline Industry Millions

Jan. 12, 2017
The damage mainly caused by deicing fluid is from the alkali-metal-salt fluid applied by airports to the runways, which can get transferred on to the wheels (and therefore brakes...
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Deicing & Anti-icing Fluids

CAV Ice Protection Announces SLD Ice Protection for Business and Commercial Aircraft: SLD Guard

Dec. 5, 2016
SLD Guard can be retrofitted into any existing ice protection system design such as pneumatic boots, thermal, expulsive and freezing point depressant. It can also be incorporated...
Deicing & Anti-icing Fluids

Vestergaard Announces FAA Approval of the In-Truck Manufacturing (ITM) of Type I Deicing Fluids for Operation

United Airlines in Chicago O'Hare, has partnered with Vestergaard to test the in-truck blending technology on two of their Elephant Beta deicers during the winter seasons 2014...
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Airports & Municipalities

Put the Brakes on Biofilm

Feb. 24, 2016
Gerald R. Ford International Airport’s new $20 million water treatment facility keeps glycol from the river where it can create biofilm.