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De-Ice has developed a novel technology that deices aircraft using high-frequency current. Unlike the widely used chemical spray method, De-Ice is fast, efficient, and chemical-free. Airlines with De-Ice systems can eliminate the average 30- to 45-minute deicing delay per flight while also significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Based in Boston, the company spun out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2015 when Alexander Bratianu-Badea experienced the frustration and inconvenience of long flight delays. He and co-founder Ruben Toubiana set out to develop a fast and sustainable way to deice aircraft.

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De-Ice Brings Fast, Chemical-Free De-Icing to Global Airline Industry

Dec. 8, 2023
Launch customer Air Canada will be the first airline in the world to install De-Ice systems that will decrease carbon emissions and reduce winter departure delays.