New Features to Create Expert Deicing Operators

Feb. 20, 2020

Due to the seasonal use of deicing vehicles and related equipment, officials at JBT have recognized their customers face a serious issue of retaining experienced staff on operation and maintenance teams. To combat this, engineers have integrated new features focused on turning novice operators and mechanics into experts.

David Bunting, EMEA regional director at JBT, explains the company has designed intuitive control functionality into its latest deicing vehicle.

“This prevents inexperienced operators having to fumble through complicated controls and switches to prepare to deice,” he explains, offering the Tempest-i’s EZ Jib function as an example, which automatically syncs jib, boom and extended reach movements. “The point is, anyone can pull back on a joystick and thus this feature minimizes the operator having to think about all the boom movements needed to get to the perfect reach position.”

The deicer’s Boom Auto Park function brings the boom safely into a rest position; Advanced Radar APD provides operator feedback on basket, boom and chassis position relative to the aircraft; and the BakTrack feature provides extra reach for one-man operation. All these features are designed to simplify operations.

“Experience level settings (novice, intermediate and advanced) help training and improve operation confidence for a variety of operator experience levels,” Bunting says. “These different modes slow and limit boom movements so operators can build their confidence using advanced deicing equipment.”

Maintenance is also streamlined with advanced diagnostics that provide personnel with feedback of all sensors and devices, allowing for quick troubleshooting. 

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